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NIGHT CROWNED Release New EP and Share Visualizer Video! "Rebirth Of The Old" out now on Noble Demon

Today, Sweden's very own Night Crowned release their brand new 4 track EP Rebirth Of The Old via Noble Demon. With their intoxicating blend of uncompromising blackened death metal, symphonic arrangements and dark, hypnotic soundscapes, Night Crowned have quickly made a name for themselves and this EP should be another powerful appetizer for a new album coming in the near future! In support of the new release, Night Crowned have shared a visualizer video for the track "Rex Tenebrae", which features Christian Älvestam (Ex -Scar Symmetry) on guest vocals.

The video can be seen here:

Night Crowned on Rebirth Of The Old:

"While you wait on the next Night Crowned album we give you ”Rebirth Of The Old”, a four track EP that contains three tracks of our latest album 'Hädanfärd', but with english vocals together with a cover of Old Man’s Child. The intention was to make 'Hädanfärd' a double album, one Swedish and one English version. Only one track was recorded in English before we decided to make the album only in Swedish. So we finished these last two songs now, again with awesome guest vocals by Christian Älvestam. We think the cover of Old Mans Child turned out great, but as we ended up with an all Swedish album it didn’t fit well on the album. So here it is, enjoy it while we keep our focus on writing and recording our upcoming album!"

Rebirth Of The Old is out now on Noble Demon and you can get it HERE


1. Born Of The Flickering

2. Rex Tenebrae (feat. Christian Älvestam - English Version)

3. Shackled (Fjättrad English Version)

4. A Fate Sealed In The Grave (Ett Gravfäst Öde - English Version)


K. Romlin – Vocals

J. Jaloma – Drums

J. Eskilsson – Lead Guitar

H. Liljesand – Bass, Guitar, Keys

Find Night Crowned online:

Find NOBLE DEMON online:

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