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Nightbound: Paraguay's Heavy Metallers Released Debut EP Nightbound on Awakening Records

Start your engine and speed into the night! A Million Stars will be with you.

Formed only last year, Nightbound is a young Hard n' Heavy band from Asunción, Paraguay. The band has made quick a name for themselves in their country. So there is no wonder that Chinese Label Awakening Records, picked up the young band and released their debut EP on March 31.

If you are a fan from Thin Lizzy and Saxon this EP will be something for you.

Stay tuned more to come!

Members: Arianna Cuenca - Vocals Mike Martinez - Lead Guitars Katz Leiv - Bass Miky Doldán - Drums


1. Nightbound 2. Time Is On Your Side 3. No Mercy 4. The Fighting Never Ends 5. Soldier Of Fortune (Deep Purple cover)

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