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NO SHADE Announces Upcoming EP "Broken Down," Out 12/18

NO SHADE Announces Upcoming EP "Broken Down," Out 12/18

Alternative/post hardcore artist NO SHADE has announced the upcoming release of his new EP "Broken Down," which will be released on all digital platforms 12/18/2020. The EP was initially introduced through the lead single "Fading Away," a hard rock ballad fused with trap-pop influences. The EP varies in sounds, relinquishing any sonic boundaries. NO SHADE detaches from genre labels to create his own blend, and "Broken Down" is a perfect example of his diversity. EP tracks like "Stay Too Long" and "Go" are the most diverse in the set, blending together elements of punk rock, synth pop, and hardcore into one cohesive mix.

What started as practicing guitar in his bedroom to get through a breakup, NO SHADE has since transformed into an artist who pushes creative boundaries. Hailing from Long Island, New York, NO SHADE is created and self-produced by CJ Arey. As a music lover himself, NO SHADE has countless influences, including artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Pierce the Veil, Issues, and nothing,nowhere. While NO SHADE pulls inspiration from these artists and many more, he would define his music as one with no “genre labels” attached. Turning away from the norm of having genre boundaries and by not confining himself into any specific one gives NO SHADE the creative freedom to write from a place of vulnerability and openness to deliver music that resonates with listeners. NO SHADE hopes that listeners of his music can find themselves transported into the places he is in when he writes his songs and that they allow themselves to feel their emotions freely when listening to his music.

NO SHADE - "Fading Away"


Instagram: @iamnoshade

Twitter: @iamnoshade

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