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OCEANHOARSE Premiere Brand New Music Video for "From Hell to Oblivion"! New album, "Dead Reckoning"

[Photo by Jony Karlsson]

OCEANHOARSE Premiere Brand New Music Video for "From Hell to Oblivion"! New album, "Dead Reckoning", out this Friday on Noble Demon

Finland's very own OCEANHOARSE are about to get set for the release of their highly anticipated debut studio album, entitled Dead Reckoning, out this Friday on Noble Demon!

With former and current members of well-known acts like Amoral, Warmen and others, the foursome delivers exactly that kind of album you would hope to get from such experienced people. Featuring 13 tracks, loaded with crushing riffs, vocal harmonies and high voltage arrangements, Dead Reckoning shows a band willing to explore things in their very own style, instead of sticking to any kind of average formula.

In support of the new album and to celebrate the upcoming release in glorious style, OCEANHOARSE just unleashed a brand new video clip for the melodic and groove-laden heavy metal anthem "From Hell to Oblivion"!

Watch the video here:

"From Hell to Oblivion” represents Oceanhoarse at its most melodic, and it just might feature the biggest chorus on the album. The lyrics talk about false lighthouses, the inability to see warning signs in advance and how history keeps repeating itself, usually in pretty depressing ways…" the band comments.

Dead Reckoning drops this Friday, August 20th on Noble Demon and is available for pre-save and pre-order at THIS LOCATION

Upcoming Oceanhoarse shows:

27.10.2021 Telakka, Helsinki (w/ Bloodred Hourglass, MyGrain, Balance Breach)

26.12.2021 Hoarsefest 2021, On the Rocks, Helsinki (w/ Shereign, Thy Row)




3.Betrayed by Light

4.One With The Gun

5.Reaching Skywards

6.Fields of Severed Dreams


8.The Intruder

9.Fight For Tomorrow

10.From Hell to Oblivion


12.Dead Reckoning

13.The Damage

14.Fading Neons

For Oceanhoarse online:

Find NOBLE DEMON online:

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