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Once Upon A Flatline Brings Their Horror Rock "For the Wretched of the Earth"

Lit and lifted up from the stage: Once Upon A Flatline brings their conceptually hardcore-theatricore from the heralded presence of New York rock bands. This September, they are delivering their sound and production to the masses with their single/video "For The Wretched Of The Earth".

"When we originally recorded For The Wretched of The Earth, we felt a sense of urgency. We felt the world needed to hear a message of hope in these uncertain times. We also felt that perhaps enough hope was lying in wait in our individual hearts to make a difference - to at least one person somewhere in the world. Once the smoke of doubt had cleared, we realized that our scream was heard by far more people than we could have possibly ever imagined. It is for those that heard that call that we decided to reconsider how the story was to begin. We wanted to show the world not only something that we were proud of, but also something that our family could be proud of as well. We are here to stay and we welcome you to the theatre." - Once Upon A Flatline

Lyric Video By: JKL Productions

Song Engineered by: Nate White

Once Upon A Flatline is a six piece post-hardcore band with passionate theatrical and artistic elements. Dedicated to keep up with their motif of storytelling, the band is inspired to have each musical release be concept-driven and tell a story. Currently, OUAFL is in the process of releasing singles as a part of the EP: 'The Theatre Lucy' - an anthology based ghost story where each song is inspired by a different famous Broadway musical. Once Upon a Flatline was formed by the first three members in the fall of 2017, when they decided it was their duty and destiny to create music and strive to inspire their audience to be kind, accepting, hopeful, and that your story is worth continuing and telling. However, the group did not make their official debut as a band until their current line up was made final in June of 2019 with their social media launch and band announcement. Since then, the band has continued to live-stream all announcements, engage with new fans, and create a consistently growing following in less than a year. For each release, the band has engaged with their audience by teasing what musical the past releases are with a series of images and videos all of which can be seen on their social media sites still, showcasing their recent releases. They are currently in the studio finishing the last of seven songs for 'The Theatre Lucy' with three singles already available. This band is not letting lockdowns slow it down. While waiting for the world to open back up, they will continue to release new music and videos to tease and go along with their anticipated EP. For Fans of: Alesana, Famous Last Words, Set to Stun, Ice Nine Kills, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, The Venetia Fair, My Chemical Romance, Eyes Set to Kill, Within Temptation, Evanescence, I AmGhost, oh and of course Broadway Musicals.

Thanks always to our friends who’s continuous support keeps us going. To our families, without whom we wouldn't have grown into the dream-driven people we are today. We would like to send a special thank you to Nate White for helping us make sense of the songs in our hearts. Last, but never least we would like to thank rock and roll for giving us the necessary hope to keep this life going strong, we consider it a gift we will strive our best to repay. - Once Upon A Flatline

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