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Ouroboric: Australians Alternative Metallers Deliver Again With New Video Electric Pantomime

Ouroboric: Australians Alternative Metallers Deliver Again With New Video Electric Pantomime

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Australians Ouroboric deliver again "terrifically playful and fun" alternative metal with their video Electric Pantomine. The song is taken from their recently released and long-awaited album DeAd​-​BoY: Zero.

Explaining the story behind Electric Pantomine, vocalist Phil aka Crowley says about the song: "Electric Pantomime is an abstract take on new age voyeurism with a 2020-21 theme. The 'foreguy' archetype watches on as he munches away on the caution popcorn seeing the band play in isolation, as well as their live performance. Meanwhile, the fans each have their Covid lockdown space and each have their own eccentric personality that depicts how the fourth wall into their private lives has been broken down before the pantomime watching on."

Mitchell further says: "It's all very abstract, much like a Rorschach test is measured in it's interpretation. The tides turn when the mist appears before the pantomime and the TVs rise, bringing him out of the shadows and into the live performance. With no walls to hide behind and no longer anonymous, the pantomime flees, falling victim to the mist. The pantomime isn't the only one revealed however, as in the final shot of the fans, they become aware of the viewer watching the music video, further breaking down the walls of voyeurism. Where do the wires go?"


Crowley - Vocals

Mitchell Cooper - Guitar

Mike Simmonds - Guitar

Tom Kenworthy - Drums

Ryan Brock - Bass

Formed in early 2014, Ouroboric are a 5 piece Alternative Metal Band hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. The band prefer to think of their sound as an Audio Rorschach Test. Ignoring genre and cliché the band attempts to paint a portrait of the human psyche through their evolving sound. Capturing everything from a whisper to a scream and every sound that’s in between…

Ouroboric - Electric Pantomine Music Video


1. Rave on (To Become Content)

2. Da Monay: Patron $aint of Ca$h

3. Dr3g-$tar

4. Electric Pantomime

5. Lonely Pornography

6. Skin of Grief

7. Darker by 6.6.6. Degrees

8. Skyfalldown…

9. The Lord of Perversion and The Angles of Withering

10. Don Quixote vs The Windmill

11. DeAd-BoY: Zero

Get the album at their band's Bandcamp page:

Recorded and Produced by Ian Miller at Melville Recording Studio

Artwork: Silver Seraphim Design

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