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out now: ENDLESS - Lapse: The Guilt We Hold (NJ post-hardcore)

out now: ENDLESS - Lapse: The Guilt We Hold (NJ post-hardcore)

New Jersey post-hardcore quintet ENDLESS is proud to announce its second EP Lapse: The Guilt We Hold, out Oct. 8 via the band.

Recorded by Adam Cichocki, the EP's six tracks expound on the undeniable importance of self-worth and the dichotomy of using seemingly dark situations as motivation to overcome.

Formed at the beginning of 2020, ENDLESS is an atmospheric post-hardcore band based in Central New Jersey. Consisting of members Dan Ward (vocals), Scott Schmidt (guitar), Pete Ross (guitar), Andrew Archey (bass), and Brett Miller (drums), ENDLESS has set its focus on creating thematic and cinematic landscapes within its music.

Building on the tension found within the foundations of post-hardcore by intertwining various piano, synth, and orchestral arrangements, the band's aggressive dynamics, gentle melodies, and melancholy progressions are wholly their own.

ENDLESS says, "This EP hopes to resonate with those ready to put their foot down on how they let the world affect their mood and hope, that when they listen, they understand we've been there and in turn find understanding within their struggle."


Dan Ward – vocals

Scott Schmidt – guitar

Pete Ross – guitar

Andrew Archey – bass

Brett Miller – drums

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"...cathartic..." New Noise Magazine

"...refined beyond belief." Distorted Sound Magazine

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