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“Everybody’s screaming for that gothic little demon"

Blak29 Debut New Video “Blackout” via Revolver

New Album The Waiting is out now via Cleopatra Records

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Los Angeles, CA (April 25, 2023) Powerhouse duo Blak29, led by the multi-talented Steve Zing, are back with a sexy, catchy, and heavy as hell music video for “Blackout,” from their latest record, The Waiting, out last month via Cleopatra Records.

Check out the premiere here:

Stream the video here.

The video juxtaposes a bright, illuminated stage show with the dark and seductive figure for whom the song was written. There’s plenty of modern flare here by way of sharp production and doomier undertones, but the classic party anthem also wouldn’t be out of place on a playlist with Alice Cooper and some of the other greats. One critic has already called it “a sleazy, horror-tinged blend of rock,” and we tend to agree.

Blackout is the lead song off the new Blak29 album that was inspired by a gothic insta girl,” says Zing. “I chose to do a performance video and added the model Venice Alexa to complement the song.”

“Everybody’s screaming for that gothic little demon. Ya ever watch the hot goth chicks dancing around at a show or club? You know that they’re deadly, but for some reason, you find them attractive!”

“I love videos of people playing. I love the gear, the energy, and how the images translate to the audio experience that we have when we’re not on our phones or looking at screens. My hope is that others can have the same experience with ‘Blackout.’"

Coming from a background playing with such names as Samhain, Mourning Noise, and even the unholy legion that is Danzig, and named for Zing’s June birthdate and love for playing roulette, the band’s sound is as unique and classic as Las Vegas itself.

Zing handles vocals and drums on this record, and Dan Tracey does bass and guitar. Both wrote and co-produced the album. Zing also recruited Danzig bandmate Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Quiet Riot), Tommy Victor (Prong, Ministry), and Jyrki 69 (The 69 Eyes) for guest spots on the record. The sampling of songs on the album range from snarling, rock fury to more contemporary thrashers backed by the power of a storied musical career and a full command of the genre.

Praise for The Waiting:

Samhain and Danzig musician Steve Zing steps out with his passion project Blak29 that features collaborator Daniel Tracey. On the recently released “Bleeding Love,” Zing evokes peak-era Cult, with a gritty, powerful Ian Astbury-esque vocal powering a driving rock track that deserves to be played with volume knob ripped off. Look for Blak29’s The Waiting album arriving March 3. Loudwire

It’s great that everyone now gets to see what I’ve known for a long time. Playing bass in Danzig is just one dimension of Steve. His talents go way beyond that. Hear for yourself and try to tell me otherwise!” – Johnny Kelly

My man Steve Zing and Dan Tracey really knocked it out of the park on “The Waiting.” It was also great to play a little guitar on “Destroyer” and “Long Cool Woman!” – Tommy Victor

The band’s influences run the full spectrum, from punk by way of the Misfits, Damned, and Ramones to ‘80’s goth and prog rock. Described by critics as a dark, groove-based rock ‘n’ roll band, their distinct blend of rock is destined to leave a permanent mark on the genre.

Stay tuned for more this year from Zing supporting this release, as well as some live performances.

About Blak29:

Blak29 is the collaboration of Steve Zing and Daniel Tracey. Formed out of a result of being sick and tired of waiting on others, Zing and Tracey decided to write and record by themselves. This proved to be much easier than past projects where there was too much input from other members, and the two have been creating together under this moniker ever since.

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Steve Zing is available for interviews by phone, email, and/ or Zoom. Let me know, THANK YOU!

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