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Pantera Dominates Hersheypark Stadium

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If Hersheypark Stadium had a roof, Child Bite would have blown it off even as an opener for the already heavy lineup. While they had a shorter set of 25 minutes or so, the energy vocalist Shawn Knight brought to the table was incomparable. He engaged the crowd (even those who were unfamiliar with their music prior) and had even the seated patrons on their feet.

This was the first time we saw Child Bite, and we're excited for them to roll back through.


Lamb of God commanded the stage with a (literal) booming entrance to an enthusiastic crowd. Their setlist started off strong with "Memento Mori" and carried on without a drop in energy the entire time. A shorter setlist than their normal headliner, the guys kept it heavy in the hits including "Walk with Me in Hell", "Laid to Rest", and "Redneck". The pyrotechnics, the stellar musicianship, and Randy Blythe's stage presence made their set an unforgettable excitement builder for the headliners.


After Zakk Wylde took a peek outside the curtain with his action figures for the fans, it was go time for Pantera's set. Hersheypark Stadium exploded as the curtain dropped and Pantera went straight in with "A New Level". Charlie Benante's kit sported two bass drums cover, one sporting a Dimebag portrait and the other sporting a Vinny portrait. (The stage show overall always paid honor to the missing brothers and respected their legacy, which is all you could really ask for.)

Everything was what you would expect from a Pantera show with Benante and Wylde paying homage to the brothers in every beat and note. Rex Brown had just as much stage presence as Phil Anselmo, welcoming all of the excitement from the crowd. The entire night emanated excitement, and it's definitely worth catching Pantera when they're out on the road.

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