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Perenna Unveil Debut LP "Muses"

MARCH 11th, 2022 | BOSTON, MA - Alt rock band Perenna have released their debut album Muses, available on all digital streaming platforms now. "Perenna’s core members have taken lessons learned from several prior projects that resulted in the crystallized effort put forth in Muses," the band says of the album. The project was built off of the feelings that music invokes, and Perenna's approach to creating music that ties into human emotion is sweepingly effortless. About the album, the band states:

“This album is the culmination of years of development, bringing musicians from widely varied musical backgrounds together to create a cerebral, eclectic, yet cohesive collection of songs such that the listener will be compelled to return to over and over again. The album was not written with a central concept in mind, rather the songs were written individually, resulting in a fresh mix of alternative rock from several different musical perspectives.”

Alternative rock project Perenna is more than a singular genre. Founded in 2018, the band spans their influences across a wide board, touting jazz and blues, punk, and indie as the basis of their unique blend. Their debut single “Off The World'' was released in September 2021, and introduced mystical guitar lines, quick but melodic vocals, and fusion-inspired drums. The single boldly explored the acceptance and love one must allow themself during self-discovery.

Following multiple single releases, Perenna’s debut album, Muses, was released in March. The tracklist consists of songs that express the various reflections of the human condition that the members have all experienced throughout their lives. Built upon a pop/rock-emo fusion, Muses is the result of sheer experimentation, and puts Perenna on a rather high sonic pedestal.

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