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Perris Records Announces the CD Release of AOR "Bewitched In L.A."


Perris Records Announces the CD Release of AOR "Bewitched In L.A." Featuring Tommy Denander, Paul Sabu and Frédéric Slama




If you would like a digital copy for review just click the link above. Paul Sabu available for interviews.

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 15, 2023) — Perris Records announces the CD release of AOR "Bewitched In L.A." on September 8th.


Tom Mathers, President of Perris Records, "This CD will give any fan of Toto, Journey & Foreigner their fix of AOR/Melodic Rock. Having Tommy Denander & Paul Sabu on this release makes this the best AOR title ever by Frédéric Slama. This album will be a top seller in 2023 along with other Perris artists Babylon A.D. & Roxx Gang."


Frédéric Slama started his AOR project in 2000, In the early 2000's, Tommy Denander (A now renowned guitar player and producer) contacted Frédéric to be part of his AOR project. They became immediately friends, because they shared the love of good music, and more incredibly, they lived in the same building in West Hollywood, a few years apart, back in the 90's, without knowing each other at the time! Paul Sabu was someone Frédéric Slama admired a lot during his days as a pro journalist for famed rock magazines in France and the U.S. Paul Sabu released his Kidd Glove project in 1983 and since then Frédéric loved his voice and style so it was natural that Paul became part of the AOR project back in the 2000's. They recorded more than 15 songs together (Including a couple of songs for "Chasing Violets", an all female band produced by Frédéric Slama) that led to a "Best of album" called AOR "The Best Of Paul Sabu" with unreleased tracks, released on Perris Records in 2021. What is also strange, like for Tommy, Paul and Frédéric knew the same girl a few years apart, without knowing each other at the time! What are the chances? So it's a team of 3 friends that recorded this incredible new 23rd AOR album. For once, no endless guest lists, just great songs all written and produced as usual by Frédéric Slama with a great co-production by Tommy Denander, and heavenly vocals by Paul Sabu! The most consistent of all Frédéric Slama's albums!


Line-Up: Frédéric Slama: Guitars & Keyboards Paul Sabu: All Lead & Background Vocals Tommy Denander: All Instruments Engineered & Produced by: Frédéric Slama Co-production by: Tommy Denander


Track Listing and Songwriters 1. Behind Closed Doors (Frédéric Slama) 2. Dangerously Smart (Frédéric Slama) 3. You Don't Have To Tell Me Lies (Frédéric Slama) 4. Stolen Future (Frédéric Slama) 5. Manifestation Of Human Desires (Frédéric Slama) 6. Frozen Soul (Frédéric Slama) 7. Private Number (Frédéric Slama) 8. Breaking The Rules (Frédéric Slama) 9. Never Give Up On Love (Frédéric Slama)


Tommy Denander: All Instruments


About AOR Since the year 2000, Frédéric Slama has released 22 AOR albums with the who's who of West coast music & Melodic Rock. Now in 2023, Frédéric is back with this time his most 80's album of all his career, with unforgettable arrangements reminding us of the classic AOR sound of the 80's like Journey, LeRoux, Franke & The Knockouts Toto or Foreigner. Along with Frédéric Slama, you will find talented artists such as Paul Sabu (John Waite, Silent Rage, Only Child, Little America, Lee Aaron, Kidd Glove) who did all the vocals of the album and Tommy Denander (Alice Cooper, Steve Walsh, Paul Stanley). If you want to step back in time with pure AOR bliss, check out Frédéric Slama's new AOR release " Bewitched in L.A." the most consistent and melodic of all his albums. This time with only one singer aboard the AOR project, the sound is closer to a real band. So you should easily fall under the spell of this magical 23rd AOR album.


About Perris Records Perris Records has been in business over 29 years distributing and promoting the label's hard rock bands such as Helix, Stephen Pearcy, L.A. Guns, Babylon A.D., Bang Tango, Enuff Z'Nuff, Heaven's Edge, Roxx Gang, Dirty Looks to name a few. Perris Records is distributed worldwide by Select-O-Hits (Sam Phillips Jr. - Sun Records family), ALLIANCE (AEC) distribution & WOWHD.COM. WOWHD.COM ships to Australia, Denmark, Germany, Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, The Netherlands & United Kingdom (UK).


WOWHD Direct Link at Perris Records (Special links showing all Perris titles available at WOWHD in their selected country):


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