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Perth Metalcore Outfit SEDATIVE Announce Debut Record 'Death Romantic' & Release Single 'Romilda Van


Perth Metalcore Outfit Announce Debut Record 'Death Romantic' & Release Visceral New Single 'Romilda Vane'

Perth metalcore rising stars, Sedative, have just announced their debut record 'Death Romantic' due for release on Friday May 20th, 2022. Accompanying this exciting announcement, the group also unveiled their ground-shaking new single 'Romilda Vane' boasting a sinister blend of brutality and heartache.

Merging elements of deathcore and metalcore with swaithes of hardcore into a kaleidoscope of brutality, 'Romilda Vane' treats the listeners to superbly tight instrumentation, gut-punching hardcore riffs and catastrophic breakdowns with magnetic vocals. The single enters the foray hard and fast tackling a somewhat more disciplined approach from what we’ve seen from the band thus far, ‘Romilda Vane’ blasts away and doesn’t relent for a moment from the get go. Staying true to Sedatives impressive repertoire, Vocalist Matthew Daly delves deep into heartache and grief riddled with self destructiveness and a despondent acceptance of the subjects fate.

Daly on the new single: “Romilda Vane is the first brief look into what ‘Death Romantic’ has to offer. Lyrically, this song explores themes surrounding heartache, love in the wrong place, and the damage that intertwining with another person can cause. This is merely just an entrée for what to expect from ‘Death Romantic’”

Bursting into the scene with a series of singles 'Cough Medicine' ‘No Hard Feelings’ and ‘Vile', Sedative, have been garnering coverage and airplay across the globe including Triple J The Racket, Kill Your Stereo, Heavy Mag, Maniacs and more. The group have been bringing their high-octane live shows across the nation including performances alongside heavyweights Falcifer, Catalyst and an appearance at Aftermath Perth sideshow. Undeterred by the global pandemic, the band hunkered down to churn out seven ferocious tracks which constitute their debut record 'Death Romantic'. With the release of 'Romilda Vane', Sedative are armed to take the heavy metal world by storm!

'Romilda Vane' is Out Now on all platforms via


1. ​Romilda Vane

2. Godspeed

3. Unlove

4. Can't Feel A Thing

5. Stained Soul

6. Abhorrent

7. Lothario


SEDATIVE - 'Romilda Vane' (Official Music Video)

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