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Perth Metalcore Sensations SEDATIVE Release Unflinching New Single 'Unlove'

Perth metalcore sensations Sedative just dropped their unflinching new single 'Unlove' taken from their upcoming record 'Death Romantic' due for release on Friday, May 20th.

‘Unlove’ is an unapologetically heavy anthem showcasing Sedative's signature balls to the wall approach with its bludgeoning breakdowns, unrelenting rhythms and caustic vocals. Infusing tech elements and lit with green flashes, this track is analogous with being tossed into a storm of high velocity talent savaging the listener from multiple instrumental and vocal angles. Accompanying this sonic onslaught is Vocalist Matt Daly's bleak, aggressive and blistering vocal performance unpacking the despondency that comes with severing ties. Daly speaks on the new single: "Unlove, along with the rest of this record and everything I write, is an extremely personal insight into my own experiences. It is one of the most therapeutic outlets, which gives me the ability to unload the sometimes overwhelming weight into and shed a lot of bleak and despondent feelings and instead of drowning in them. Writing songs about these feelings can generally stop them from consuming you. This record is about all the different avenues of love and the regret, sorrow, tragedy and everything else that comes along with it, 'Unlove' in particular is about a one-sided version of this in which being too attached becomes the undoing."

This ferocious track is a powerful follow up to the group's successful releases such as 'Romilda Vane' (2022), ‘Cough Medicine’ (2021), and ‘Vile’(2021) that have been garnering national coverage and has been featured on Triple J The Racket, Killyourstereo, Maniacs, IdiotEQ, Heavy Mag and more. Their music has landed on "Homegrown & Heavy", "New Core" editorial playlists amongst countless others amassing over 85,000+ Spotify streams. Sedative's latest single 'Romilda Vane' which garnered over 28,000+ streams so far, was accompanied with the exciting announcement of their debut record 'Death Romantic'. Building upon their latest single 'Godspeed', Sedative took their raucous live shows on a national tour with Catalyst and landed a support slot for Slovenian death-metal heavyweights Within Destruction. 'Unlove' is the third installment from the upcoming record and is everything their fast growing fanbase has grown to love about Sedative. 'Unlove' is out now via Presave 'Death Romantic' via SEDATIVE ONLINE

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