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Plastic Barricades "First Listen of One for the road"

by The Grumpy ol' Stoner

Plastic Barricades, "One for the Road" Is a nice, mellow flowing tune that reminds me of the band "YES" minus the nut twisting high notes of lead singer Jon Anderson. Not that the lead singer/Guitarist Dan Kert doesn't try.

    The 'Barricades lead singer (Kert) carries the song throughout, backed-up with solid instrumentals. That is, up until about the 2:15 mark when it sounds like they stuck a plastic garbage can over his head. It picks back up again when the chorus loops back around. I sat here listening to the tune on my headphones smacking my head against the wall, thinking (once my head stopped spinning) what band does this sound like? I wandered over to their website, and the Plastic Barricades lists Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Coldplay, Muse, Death Cab for Cutie, Placebo, and Nirvana as inspirations. I ran through about 15 seconds of one or two random songs of each band until I came to Death Cab for Cuties tune, "I will possess your heart." BINGO!! I knew they sounded like someone I'd heard a time or two. "One for the road" will be added to the apple playlist. The YouTube video is pseudo-slick (my own descriptor) with in-camera mirror and prism effects that would have been better left in the camera. 

    Being an old head-banger born of Zeppelin, AC/DC & Sabbath (all hail our metal lord Ozzy), I would have saved this for one of those nights, when returning from the club with a young bunny, break out a pipe, and slap the LP on the turntable.  It's kind of 21st Century easy listening. No "Growlers'' (thank God), no "Screamers" and thank God, Jesus, Buddha, Ozzy and any other deity you believe in, that there is no Disney bubble gum. Do you HEAR that Taylor Swift? Lady Gagme? Jonas Brothers? That's all for now.



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