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Polish Rockers MEMOCRASHER Release New Video for “Sold Before Was Born” Single

Polish Rockers MEMOCRASHER Release New Video for “Sold Before Was Born” Single

Humanity & Revenant Double Set Available Now Digitally

Polish rockers MEMOCRASHER have revealed an elaborate new video for the single “Sold Before Was Born,” featured on the Humanity segment of the band’s upcoming Humanity & Revenant double album release.

Filmed at Woolton Hall, an abandoned country house in a suburb of Liverpool, England, the video is a lavishly beautiful piece full of lush colors and stark images of reality. Watch “Sold Before Was Born” now at

The song’s concept dates back several years to when guitarist/vocalist Dave Andrew was working in the UK. At that point not feeling ready to fully realize the song, Andrew kept the title and concept jotted down in his notes. Three years later, Andrew dove back into the song, fleshing out the concept of a child entering the world with his future already laid out. “It waited for three years,” Andrew says. “Then the words and meaning came to me suddenly and I wrote them in two hours. I then met with the rest of guys and the song was ready in two days.”

The video was scheduled to be shot earlier this year but was delayed due to COVID. “The story evolved, and we had plenty of time to reedit and recreate the video concept with our director Adam Barker from Video Ink,” Andrew says. “Finally, this summer we were able to record the video. We'd never suspect how accurate those lyrics will become during the recent year.”

Founded in 2014 by Andrew and guitarist Hubert Malicki in Ustrzyki Dolne, Poland, MEMOCRASHER initially self-released Revenant, their debut album, in 2016. After honing their skills on stages at festivals and gigs, and gaining notoriety in their home country, the group began focusing on writing new material. MEMOCRASHER’s sophomore album, Humanity, is a more mature offering, chock full of the melody and hooks that have already caught the ears of hard rock fans in Poland. Still feeling that the songs from the debut were worthy of a wider release, MEMOCRASHER made the decision to re-recorded and remaster Revenant and offer the two releases and a double album set,

“‘Revenant’ contains our first ideas,” Andrew explains. “Some of them are more than 10 years old and we wanted to show people our musical journey and evolution throughout these years. We came up as total amateurs with no experience but lot of passion. With these two albums, we showed ourselves that nothing is impossible. From two rednecks, we evolved into completely different people and met incredible people who helped us to make our first steps in the music business. Now we are ready for what's coming.”

MEMOCRASHER offering songs from Humanity & Revenant one by one during upcoming months. Humanity & Revenant are available at

and Physically copies will be available next year.


Dave Andrew – vocals, guitar

Hubert Malicki – guitar

Jarno – bass guitar

Maciej Lenartowicz – drums


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