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Pop Alma Drop New Single "My Bed Is Big Enough for the Two Of Us"

Pop Alma Drop New Single "My Bed Is Big Enough for the Two Of Us"

Photo: Bill Cardella (@billcardella)

Pop rock band Pop Alma have released their new single "My Bed Is Big Enough For The Two Of Us," out on all digital platforms NOW. Pop Alma stems from a unique, multi-dimensional blend of pop, garage rock, and R&B backgrounds. Filled out with bold songwriting, Pop Alma’s upcoming EP release, due out November 19th, is a breathtaking demonstration of darkness and light, sending listeners down a rabbit hole of twisted fantasy. An introduction to their upcoming November EP, "My Bed Is Big Enough For The Two Of Us" shares just a piece of how versatile Pop Alma is. About the single, the band states:

“My Bed Is Big Enough For The Two Of Us' ' is the second song we have ever written together in this line with the EP. The song has a bright twisted dark fantasy feel to it, with a hint of a punk rock tinge to spice it up that ties in so perfectly for the vision we wanted to see with this EP. This was the first song we went to our producer Charlie Berezansky for and he truly went above and beyond making this song come to life just how we envisioned it.

Originating as a solo effort, Jacob Rubiani recruited Alex Cordova to join what would eventually form into Pop Alma. These two, with a few friends, compiled a few songs that would eventually become the debut EP, SOMA. Soon after completion, Chris Thompson and Harley Von Pierce completed the lineup.

Their second effort, Tales of a Hopeless Romantic, is a first in many aspects. “ I’ve had my heart set on this project for the past couple of years, and I stand by each track. I always like to tell a story within the writing,” says Rubiani. This new project tells a tale of love, and love lost, through many different musical stylings. “Our first EP was a first taste of who we are as a band. This one is us showing off what we’re capable of and how by just coming together with our own music tastes, we can truly make something so breathtaking yet so dark at the same time,” says Thompson.

Pop Alma: "My Bed Is Big Enough For The Two Of Us"


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