Pop Songstress Camille Peruto Unveils New Single "Pretty on the Outside"

Pop Songstress Camille Peruto Unveils New Single "Pretty on the Outside"

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Pop/rock vocalist Camille Peruto has released her new single "Pretty on the Outside," available on all digital platforms NOW. A stirring introduction to her new LP cycle, "Pretty on the Outside" rests fearlessly in a somber acoustic pop/rock realm, reminiscent of early 2000's powerhouses Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch. Carrying haunting undertones, the song unexpectedly evolves into a grungy, potent punch of its own, growing in edginess throughout. "Pretty on the Outside" is a new taste of pop for Camille - and listeners get to enjoy the undertaking with her. About the single, she states:

“Pretty on the Outside” is a very new sound for me. I’ve always identified as a pop/rock singer songwriter, but this song (and upcoming album) is a lot darker and more real than anything I have ever released. The song is about how we see everything from an outside perspective but we never truly know what someone else is thinking or feeling. “Pretty on the Outside” will set the stage for the album as a whole, which focuses on taking negative situations and looking at them in a brighter light.

Pop vocalist Camille Peruto creates music that captivates and mesmerizes her audiences. Her music has been played on popular Philadelphia radio stations including WXPN, WMMR, WSTW, and 104.5 (Philly’s Alternative Rock). Her award-winning sophomore album, “From the Sea to the Sky” is swathed with hazy and dream-like, haunting sounds that lightly buffer the overtly pop-driven songs. In 2019, Camille released her single, “Silver Lining” which was the first song to hit over 1 million streams for the songwriter.

Each new single and album takes you on a musical journey, each uniquely different but made of clever metaphors, memorable hooks, and vivid lyrical imagery. Drenched in fiery spirit and energetic drive, Camille’s upcoming new music is all uniquely different, but composed of clever metaphors, memorable hooks, and vivid lyrical imagery.



Camille Peruto - "Pretty on the Outside"


Instagram: @camilleperutomusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/camilleperutomusic

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/au/artist/camille-peruto/647071710

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2LyS6QAWOxTJ719f98zRJG

Website: www.camilleperuto.com

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