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Prepare for Punitive Damnation, the seond album from Lifelost - black metal solo project


In 2018 Phlegeton, known for his work with Wormed and Banished From Inferno among others, released his first solo album, under the banner Lifelost. Dialogues From Beyond was a superb album of unnerving, visionary black metal that received copious praise from the metal press. Yet for all its fire, flame and twilight horrors, Dialogues... was simply a beginning - a first chapter in a story that would ultimately transport listeners to realms beyond imagining. Now the time has come to experience a dimension of twisted dreams and alien intelligence; gods, monsters and the essence of chaos. It is time for awakening, revelation and Punitive Damnation!

The second Lifelost album is breathtaking in its otherness, overwhelming in its ability to shape visions from sound, bringing to vivid life Phlegeton’s divination of a distant reality, steeped in terror and unshackled by the laws of form and physics. Punitive Damnation brings to terrifying life the kingdom of chaos, paints in colours undreamed of with its cascade of riffs, furious beats and howling vocals. Each passage of music is imbued with a power beyond its individual elements and immersion in its raging torrent summons a sensation of imminent dissipation and dispersion, as if your breaking open and apart, your transmutation into dust is but a heartbeat away. Black metal at its very, very best, Punitive Damnation is more than music – it is an experience, a challenge, an offering and an opportunity.

Onism Productions, with their roster of unique talent and individual expression, have provided the perfect home for Phlegeton’s latest Lifelost creation and the label will uncover the dark magnificence of Punitive Damnation on December 10th. Approach this album with care and respect, listening carefully to every note and watching every shadow between those notes. There is much to discover here and much to fear.

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