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Pressure - Path Of A Shadow - (Heavy Metal)

PRESSURE - Path Of A Shadow (Heavy Metal)


Band: Pressure

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Release Date: 7th May 2021

Written and composed by Simon Forsell, Olof Jönsson, Emil Salling Copyright: Pressure 2021

“Path of a Shadow”

Are you bold enough to endure the journey of your own pressures? This album takes you, the listener, on an adventure that are based on your life. Your shadow, the one that has been following you throughout it all tells your story as he has seen it through his dark but fiery eyes.

The story metal TRIO bring you THE PATH OF A SHADOW, THE DEBUT CONCEPT ALBUM due for release worldwide on May 7th, 2021 from the guys in Sweden called PRESSURE. Also the newest single and official video are to be released same date in support of the album.

“No One Can Hear You!”

(Ingen Som Hör Dig)

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No One Can Hear You – the next single and official video from the debut album PATH OF A SHADOW that will be released May 7th 2021. A strong Story Metal track about raw passion in its purest form. Are Passion a good thing or a bad thing? PRESSURE and your Shadow tells the story about passion being just a strong, irresistible urge that knows no sides. In the official video we will follow how passion and anticipation builds up during the day between two people!

Self – Recorded in both English, German, and Swedish the album is masterfully done. The introduction of the Story Metal concept is something PRESSURE has done well with every track being a story within a bigger story about life’s pressures and how the shadow beside you is always around. From the beginning to the end, PATH OF A SHADOW will intrigue your conscious mind and you will realize things about yourself that you either did not know or was too afraid to tell. You will be left on the edge waiting for the next guitar riff as well as raw yet rigid and harmonious vocals. The story as life’s pressures has its ups and downs but that’s reality and that is what you get with this album. Songs, lyrics, and guitars that tell of your own true self! Reality that pressures exist, and you can either lay down and be run over or stand strong and conquer. Life is never easy but PRESSURE provides the tools to help you on your journey! The Shadow knows the path as he walks with you and sees it all! He will guide you on your path into the realm of life’s pressures! Do not worry, the shadow will never leave your side - he is always around.

Path of a Shadow: The Prelude

Lost in an ocean of terror and dishonor, you realize you are nothing but alone. You fall to your knees, whispering along the breeze, but the waves do not even reach you. You reach out to the stars, but they move further away. You swim and swim, but you drown until you decide to rise from the waters. Lit by the moon, you glisten in glory as you see me reflected on the sands you once hated. Unlike the waves that ignore, my support outpours. Unlike the stars that turn back, I’ll keep you safe from the pack of wolves that desire to devour you and have you gated. I am your Shadow, and this is my path. A journey that starts with you and concludes our wraths. They say ignorance is bliss, but I say to know is better than to dismiss. Now hear me!

The Band:

Who are Pressure I hear you ask? Well if you had to tag them with a genre the one that fits best is a ‘melodic rock’ but they’re so much more than that. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden and with vocalist Olof Jönsson you can always guarantee soaring, athletic and committed vocals. Together with a twin guitar sound coming from songwriter and lead guitarist Simon “Siirpo” Forsell and Emil Salling. Their work often focuses and embraces the pressures felt from everyday existence. Their lyrics ably demonstrating that there are two sides to every story - the good and the bad. Every song has a double meaning and they truly see music as a tool to handle the different pressures thrown at us from the modern world.

The band began their journey together in 2018, and since then they’ve worked tirelessly developing their sound and live performance, their aim? To make memories with their fans and to an epic musical soundtrack.

A quote that can summarize their lyrics is: “How can you tell a story about life if you haven’t dared to live life to its fullest!

Pressure is all about every story, every moment, every Pressure!

“They are pioneering what they are calling Story Metal, which is combining heavy metal with elements of melodic rock, with a lot of focus on vocals in way to convey a story within their songs,” -FIRST ANGEL MEDIA

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