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Private Island Drop Playful New Single "Trippin'"

“Trippin’” gives a sense of the band's playful spirit; reverberating with boisterous percussion, energetic guitar riffs and hazy vocals, narrating an experience they had with leaking sewage water.

Southern California alt/rock outfit Private Island is self described as “an approachable band from Southern California”. Growing up just outside of Los Angeles, the band came together in an organic way, officially forming in the summer of 2013 following band members Tommy Nickerson and Roger Mawer’s graduation from music school. With their musical education complete and a stretch of summer days ahead, they penned their first EP A Good Look, taking a dive into the alt/rock realm of tunes alongside current front-man Christian Lum, guitar player Cameron Anderson, and former members Tim Barbour and Michelle Guerrero (alongside Mawer who is no longer a part of the 3-piece project).

With a whimsical flair to songwriting, their lyrics are inspired by ‘in-jokes’ and tales of good and bad times with friends. The new single “Trippin’” is the lead single off their forthcoming EP and gives a sense of that playful spirit; reverberating with boisterous percussion, energetic guitar riffs and hazy vocals. Talking about the song, the band reveal, “Trippin’, is about Christian’s sewage water leaking into his roommates room, which is directly underneath his own. Walking downstairs to see how he was doing, Christian finds him carefree, sitting at his desk with his shirt off, wearing a moisturizing clay face mask, as if nothing was wrong.

The upcoming EP is entirely self-written, produced and engineered in band member Christian’s home studio in Sherman Oaks. Showcasing the band's true vision and identity, the EP covers a wide spectrum of emotions and genres, with the end sound sometimes evolving into something unexpected. Speaking on the EP, they reveal, “The first sounds you hear on the EP are pretty ethereal.” With tracks that lend themselves to a selection of scenarios, they continue, “I think there’s a couple that are hypey tunes for on the way to a party, and other tunes for leaving the party.”

Performing headline shows at prestigious venues across Los Angeles including The Roxy and El Rey Theatre, there is no doubt Private Island has the aptitude to thrive in this coming year.

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