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QAALM: LA-Based Doom Supergroup Premieres "Existence Asunder" Video via Decibel Magazine

QAALM Premieres Video for Debut Single "Existence Asunder"

"Very few debut records have this clearness of vision and a sound this thick and relentless." - Decibel Magazine

Los Angeles-based atmospheric doom act QAALM is proud to announce the release of its debut video and single "Existence Asunder," taken from the band's colossal debut album, Resilience & Despair, due out March 2022 via Hypaethral Records and Trepanation Recordings.

Despite featuring current/former members of notable metal bands Act Of Defiance, Harassor, and Seven Sisters of Sleep, QAALM has no musical comparison, having forged a sound unlike any of its previous efforts. Combining the crushing heaviness of sludge, the melancholic harmonies of funeral doom, with the atmosphere and intensity of black metal, QAALM has created a gloomy, depressive, and unique interpretation of the doom metal genre.

Co-produced by Steve White (Act of Defiance, Thrown Into Exile) and QAALM and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Candlemass), Resilience & Despair is over 73 minutes of soul-eviscerating despondency set forth by an absolutely pummeling undercurrent of anguish and distress. Madeleine Fleming handled the album's gloomy artwork.

Decibel Magazine has premiered the band's debut video and first single, "Existence Asunder," an edited version of the album's epic 20-minute track.

"The song is a lurching mammoth of Neurosis proportions, with a scorched ambience of blackened doom," says Decibel scribe Sean Frasier. "It’s an expressive and suspenseful track even at half the length that will appear on the crushing upcoming album."

Formed in 2019 by Henry Derek Elis (Act of Defiance, ex-Scar the Martyr) and Pete Majors (Harassor), the initial musical endeavor stalled while Henry focused on the supergroup Act of Defiance and wrote new material. Pete later introduced guitarist Brock Elmore (ex-Seven Sisters of Sleep) before bassist David Huet and drummer Dave Ferrara proved to be the last pieces of the puzzle.

Resilience & Despair will be released in early 2022 on multiple formats via Hypaethral Records (DLP) and Trepanation Recordings (CD, cassette). Pre-order information will be available in the coming weeks.


Pete Majors – lead vocals Henry Derek Elis – lead guitars, vocals Brock Elmore – rhythm guitars, vocals David Huet – bass Dave Ferrara – drums

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