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QU!ET Announce Upcoming Single "There's No Escape"

QU!ET Announce Upcoming Single "There's No Escape"

Alternative rock trio QU!ET have announced the upcoming release of their new single "There's No Escape," available on all digital platforms February 11th. In a world with minimal privacy, we all know a little too much about everyone we meet, and inadvertently discover so many things we don’t want to hear. "There’s No Escape " was crafted to embrace the horror that goes on in a broken mind that wants to feel whole after a bad break up, and puts QU!ET's impressive musicality on full display. About the single, the band states:

There’s No Escape is based on an experience of dealing with a break up in a social media driven world. The world is too small, when the other party says one thing to someone, it can create misconceptions, so you have a tough time knowing if the people in your life are still on your side. And even though you’re not physically seeing this person anymore, they’ll be everywhere you look online unless you block them. You don’t want to miss them, but every post you see pulls you back to a place of misery.

QU!ET is an alternative rock band from Long Island, New York. The band was founded in 2016 by Michael Scarabino, Whiskey Moonshine, and Juliana Pitto. They combine each of their unique musical perspectives to craft their sound, and share lead vocal duties to express themselves personally. The trio rapidly became known on the Long Island music scene for their energetic and passionate live performances, and they’re often seen on stage with extra musicians performing horn/wind instruments featured in their music.

Over the years, they’ve performed alongside artists such as Dirty Heads, The Front Bottoms, and Less Than Jake. On May 17th, 2019, debut single “Fever Dream” was released, and gained great praise by fans. Singles “One Last Line” and “Halo” came out as the year progressed, and the band achieved placement on the Alternative Press Discover Playlist, and appearances in many other publications. QU!ET is always working on new music, and they're seen connecting with fans online at all times.


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