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Rageful - INEPTITUDE - (Death Metal)

Rageful - INEPTITUDE (Death Metal)

A Death Metal band from Lisbon (Portugal), initially formed in 2011, under the name "WALL OF DEATH".

Later in 2016, yet due to that line-up changes, and also because of some musical changes, they decided to change their name to "RAGEFUL", marking the beginning of a new era, and of a more mature sonority.

1.Inhuman Greed 03:54

2.Feed the Pigs 02:55

3.Slavery Ways 03:06

4.Whispering Rage 03:10

5.Unsocial Network 03:40

6.Clouds of Fear 03:25

7.The Rage is Coming 02:53

8.LCTS 03:03

9.Membership to Self-Existence 04:07

10.Portugal the Torch 03:36

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Paulo Miguel Soares;

All vocals Performed by Leonardo Bertão and back vocals performed by Paulo Miguel Soares;

All drums performed by Paulo Miguel Soares;

All Bass performed by João Arcanjo and Paulo Miguel Soares;

All Guitars performed by Paulo André Soares, Paulo M. Soares, Cláudio Santos and Ricardo Pato;

All Lyrics written by Leonardo Bertão, except: Whispering Rage and LCTS by Ricardo Pato, MEMBERSHIP TO SELF-EXISTENCE and INHUMAN GREED by Rafael Costa;

Guest Fretless Bass solo on "Slavery Ways" by Alexandre Ribeiro;

Guest Vocals on "Unsocial Network" by Sérgio Afonso;

Guest Guitar solo on "Portugal The Torch" by Samuel Trindade;

Guest guitar solo on “The rage is coming” by Paulo André Soares;

Drums engineered by Tiago Mesquita;

Band Photos by Carlos Alvares;

Guests photos: Alexandre by Igor Ferreira, Sérgio and Samuel by Sónia Alexandra Ferreira;

Original logo design by modblackmoon and Artwork created by Eric Hyrcza (Kahinienn Graphix);

Independently released by RAGEFUL in September 2020

Follow the band at these links:

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