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Raleigh Groove Metal WoR Streaming Debut Album “Prisoners”; Due Out Aug 7th via Bungalo Records

WoR Streaming Debut Album “Prisoners” Album Stream Premiere via Outburn Debut Album "Prisoners" Out August 7, 2020

L-R - Phillip Funderburk - Bass, David Nisoff - Guitar, Bobby Demoss - Vocals, Hunter Crews - Drums, Ben Kaiser - Guitar

Photo Credit - Matthew Wonderly

WoR, groove metal hailing from Raleigh, USA will be unleashing their debut album “Prisoners” on Friday, August 7, 2020 via Bungalo Records/Universal, and before it officially drops, the band has teamed with Outburn Magazine for the premiere of the records full stream HERE.

WoR has been working on this first offering over the course of the last few years, in which they have seen all the members of the band improving drastically at their respective instruments and songwriting capabilities. Their experience of togetherness on every artistic level has allowed them to write technically and musically more complex new material. The band share’s their thoughts on today's album preview:

"We are so incredibly excited for the upcoming release of our debut album PRISONERS. This album has been in the works for several years and we finally get to show you what we have been working on nonstop for the last year. From front to back, this album is meant to take you on a heavy metal journey. It features groovy tracks such as Predator, brutal songs such as Caged, and melodic anthems such as VI Kings. While the songs are groovy and meant to give your neck whiplash, the lyrics are deep and thought out. The messages behind these songs are ones of resilience and overcoming. If you enjoy heavy riffs, melodic overtones, and just straight-up angry and in your face METAL, this album is for you!"

Groovy, raw, and old school, WoR is suitable for all fans of metal especially those with an interest in Machine Head, Sepultura, and Gojira. “Prisoners” will be available on August 7th, 2020 on SpotifyApple Music, AmazonGoogle Play. Music Videos:

VI Kings” - YouTube,Facebook,IGTV

“Predator” - YouTube, Facebook, IGTV

Track Listing:

1. Kill You (2:44)

2. Caged (5:13)

3. VI Kings (4:37)

4. Sirens (4:20)

5. A Place To Die (3:07)

6. Predator (3:46)

7. T.G.S.O.A.T (1:35)

8. Come Out and Play (3:12)

9. Hiraeth (4:36)

10. Freedom Suicide (3:57)

Album Length: 37:12 Album Credits:

• All songs performed by: WoR

• All songs written by: WoR

• Produced by: Joe Alonzo Potts

• Mixed by: Shaun Singerling

• Mastered by: Shaun Singerling

• Album Artwork by: Mark De Gruchy and Dan Gore

• Member BMI Album and Live Band Line Up:

Bobby Demoss – Vocals

Ben Kaiser – Guitar

David Nisoff – Guitar

Phillip Funderburk – Guitar

Hunter Crews – Drums For more info:

EPK About:

WoR is a groove metal quintet from Raleigh, North Carolina. Their music combines aggressive riffs, harmonic leads, and tasteful breakdowns with the infectious anti-authoritarian lyrics of vocalist Bobby DeMoss.

WoR was founded in 2018 by guitarist Ben Kaiser who at the time was finishing up his college football career playing offensive line at NC State. The band was initially an escape from the rigors of the sport, and at the end of his career, he decided to give the band a legitimate go.

After cycling through a variety of members early on, WoR was joined by Bobby Demoss, the charismatic frontman who has the ability to draw in even the toughest crowd; his unique screaming style and passionate lyrics helped shape WoR’s groundbreaking identity from the get-go. In 2019, Phil Funderburk, the glue who keeps the band and the music together, joined on bass; David Nisoff, in charge of mind-blowing solos that capture everyone’s attention, joined as the second guitarist, and Hunter Crews, a consistent timekeeper and a seasoned veteran in the music business solidified the lineup as the bands’ drummer.

By the spring of 2019, WoR had begun to debut their music at live shows throughout the southeast region of the United States and played with the likes of Upon A Burning Body, Atilla, and Warbringer just to name a few.

Working collaboratively, WoR’s music focuses on various different current events using powerful lyrics to offer a unique insight into the things going on in our lives and in the world. After working closely with producer Joe Alonzo Potts and audio engineer Shaun Singerling, they plan to release their debut album “Prisoners” on August 7th, 2020, which features brutal tracks such as ‘Caged’ and ‘Predator’ in addition to melodic anthems such as ‘VI King’s.

In 2020 and 2021, WoR has extensive tours scheduled to support the release of their debut album “Prisoners”. WoR’s live shows are extremely energetic with fan involvement being a common theme. Demoss does a phenomenal job of breaking down the fourth wall and getting the crowd involved at their shows making way for insane mosh pits. It is the band’s credo that they give it their all for whatever time they are on stage whether they are playing to 2,000 people or 200 people.

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