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RAVENFIELD • Dark Rock • Album "Pain" • March 18ᵗʰ


New studio album of the soulful South German dark visionaries!

Poignant melancholicDARK ROCK of the emphatically emotional kind!

Authentic pain anthems with depth!

Official album release:

March 18, 2022


Second album of the soulful Dark Rockers

Captivating anthems full of heartbreak, sadness and anger

Deeply serious music for profound spirits

One step from the abyss

… in darkness we grow,

and die alone,

without a cure, we are burning,

the pain, the grief, we all will rest, on a ravenfield …

The southern German Dark Rockers send you on a journey to the dark side of the soul with their second album PAIN ... and back again!

In eerily oppressive times, when nothing seems to be as constant as uncertainty, fear, grief and pain, one longs deeply for a trustworthy friend.

For a real friend who holds your hand and resolutely accompanies you through the long night.

With their new album PAIN, RAVENFIELD enable nothing less than exactly that!


Band 2022 • Ravenfield


Polo • Vocals, Guitar

Marco • Guitar

Uli • Bass

Rio • Drums

PAIN is the tried and tested soundtrack of our unsteady present.

Deeply serious Dark Rock, which breathes a velvety soulful charisma at the top of its lungs.

Ten songs full of haunting emotions, heartbreak, sadness and anger, which unmistakably act like anthemic liberation beats - dark music that gets under your skin without any room for superficiality.

Artwork • "Pain"


Official release: March 18, 2022


01. Faith To Hate 03:42

02. Obsession 03:50

03. Killer 04:47

04. Circles 04:18

05. Monster 05:25

06. The Pain (feat. Michelle Darkness) 06:24

07. Autumn 05:26

08. Downfall 04:58

09. Fast And Curious 02:43

10. Chains 05:39

total: 47:33 min.

PAIN was recorded and produced at the trusted DarklandStudios by longtime End Of Green frontman MICHELLE DARKNESS.

The result are stirring songs that roll into the ears with pleasurable elegance.

Also vocally outstanding presented RAVENFIELD offer on this album whole series of pleasant goose bumps.

And so it comes within the ballad "The Pain" to a captivating duet between Polo and low-frequency master Darkness, in which one can almost grasp the torturous pain and agonizing grief. (Markus Eck)

Logo: Ravenfield

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2017 • Ravenfield • EP

2019 • Faith And Fall • Full-length

2022 • Pain • Full-length


"Faith And Fall" • Previous Album • 2019:

85 / 100

"Excellent musical input … brief solos of guitars, with a very constant tempo and very good chords … voice is gloomy but with a lot of dark emotional charge!"

(Darkzen Dragon)

85 / 100

"… with a serious and firm voice … guitars are an important element, since they give that thickness, that moderate aggressiveness and of course a melancholic tune …"

(X Reviews)

8 / 10

"From the very first note, the hair on my neck tingles again, because you might think that Sentenced has risen again ... so whoever is a fan of the depressive rock genre, should definitely access here …"


8 / 10

"Twelve times a musical firework is ignited here that consists of the finest, with a big portion of fresh Rock ... at any time you can hear the unbridled joy of playing here ... RAVENFIELD understand their craft and do their job damned well."


8 / 10

"The songs remind me again and again of the later albums of CEMETARY from Sweden ... the voice often sounds deep and warm, but it can also sound like Rock music … the charismatic singing is definitely the strength of the band ... really great potential ..."

(Der Hörspiegel)

8 / 10

"… 12 very good songs … heavy and melodic, but accessible and always bearing a melancholic and sad feeling."

(Metal Temple)


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