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Ready to Rock? Abby K Releases Her Single "ROCK THE ROCK"

Abby K is more than ready to take on the rock n roll world. With her single "Rock The Rock", Abby K has proven to the rock world once and for all that there is a resurgence of fresh rock pulsing its way back into the veins of chords, beats, and fist pumping horns! This female-fronted band is leading the wave of young and hungry bands that are defining rock's direction and they are not afraid to bring it. "Rock The Rock" clearly states - Abby K is leading the way by talking it, walking it, and most importantly ROCKING it!

PREMIERED IN GHOST CULT MAGAZINE "Someone once told me that rock music was a thing of the past. I wrote "Rock the Rock" as a reaction to that comment because rock and roll will never die. There is a new generation of rock musicians on the rise. Especially females who are ready to Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk, and Rock the Rock!" - Abby K

*Special thank you to my band members, Johnny Zostant, Greg Dampier, Logan Foland & Patrick Dukes & manager/producer Eddie Z.

Abby K is a hard rock sensation specializing in bass and vocal abilities. She has had a passion for rock n roll since a young age and began playing during her teenage years. She was chosen from hundreds of applicants to attend GRAMMY Camp in 2018 and was invited to audition for America's Got Talent shortly after. She has now released three singles through The Orchard and continues to rock all across the world. 

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