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REIGN OF VENGEANCE - "Chainsaw F**K Boi." & "Chainsaw F**K Gurl."

Reign Of Vengeance - "Chainsaw F**K Boi." & "Chainsaw F**K Gurl."

(New Shirts Available) "Chainsaw Fuck Boi." & "Chainsaw Fuck Gurl." REIGN OF VENGEANCE t-shirts!

To commemorate working with legendary Horror Movie distributor Brain Damage Films once more, REIGN OF VENGEANCE has released re-imagined "Chainsaw Fuck Boi." & "Chainsaw Fuck Gurl." ; "I Fuck To Death Metal." t-shirts. Both are inspired by the REIGN OF VENGEANCE music video released in 2011 by Brain Damage Films entitled "In The Club With A Chainsaw".

Pick up your "Chainsaw Fuck Boi" & "Chainsaw Fuck Gurl" / "I Fuck To Death Metal." t-shirts at the following link:

REIGN OF VENGEANCE "In The Club With A Chainsaw" (Brain Damage Films) Music Video: 

REIGN OF VENGEANCE (Brain Damage Films) has a new single and lyric video entitled "American Family Court: Thy Seeds To Belial." which will be released on October 13th. 


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