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REVIEW: Icarus Witch -No Devil Lived On

By Greg Fristick

Icarus Witch

No Devil Lived On

Cleopatra Records

October 27, 2023

Pittsburgh NWOTHM legends, Icarus Witch, return with their 7th release on Cleopatra Records, No Devil Lived On. The album is set for worldwide release October 27, 2023, and features founder and bassist Jason Myers, guitarist Quinn Lukas, vocalist Andrew D’Cagna, and drummer Noah Skiba.

No Devil Lived On is the first concept album composed by the band. According to Myers, “The story begins as Earth is nearing ecological and societal collapse. An unlikely alliance of witches, wizards, shamans, and other-dimensional beings unite to create a strategy to rid the planet of its greedy mortal overlords. In the process, the old gods take on a new digital AI form in order to communicate with the mystics of tomorrow who seek to restore nature’s balance and reset Project gala before it’s too late. In other words – Space Witches.”

Here is my track by track take on this 9 (or is it 11 - we’ll get into that later) track masterpiece. I will let you decipher the story though

I really hate to make comparisons to other artists, but musically, lead track Heaven’s Ghetto, screams Operation:Mindcrime/Empire era Queensrÿche, especially the masterful bass playing by Jason Myers. Noah Skiba’s solid drum work completely solidifies the rhythm section. Melodic, yet heavy guitar riffs and blazing solos by Quinn Lukas and heavenly vocal melodies from Andrew D’Cagna perfect this opening track. See what I did there?

It only gets better from there. As a bassist, I’m absolutely loving the bass work leading into Stranger Than Angels. I’m trying to not be biased, but Myers is an absolute beast on the bass. Accompanying the

laid back and melodic bass intro is some beautiful synth work that gives it the perfect twist. The part of this song that really gets me is the extremely hooky bridge and the angelic voice. Ok, I’m 2 for 2. I did it again.

Last Night On Earth is a catchy mid-tempo bass-driven rocker. It features a simple, yet sophisticated pattern that will suck you right in. The tempo changes throughout this track are addicting. As Always, D’Cagna shines vocally. Skiba stays in the pocket more on this track and Lukas finds the right spots to shred a blistering solo.

The Witch picks up the pace on 10,000 Light Years Away, the first single from the album. I absolutely love this song and it was a great choice to be the first single. The tone in D’Cagna voice on this song is deeper a grittier than usual. However, he still manages to squeeze in those distinguishable vocal melodies that we are all accustomed to. Enter the bridge and yet another hook followed by a blistering solo. How many notes did you squeeze in at the end, Quinn? Super impressed with how tight the bass and drums are in the outro. Skiba and Myers are like a human sidechain.

We’re about halfway through the album and it’s time for the title track. To me, No Devil Lived On sort of has some proggy, jazz fusion vibe going on. However, they completely throw a curve ball with the bridge and go doom. This song is just so perfectly arranged.

I always mention my favorite track from the album when I write a review. This time around that title goes to A Heartbeat Away. If you know me, you know my love for Savatage. I don’t know what it is but I totally get a Zak Stevens era Savatage vibe from this song, especially during the verses. Savatage comparison. That’s all I really need to say about why it’s my favorite track.

Rise Of The Witches is another melodic midtempo banger. Not only is this track an absolute banger, it has that groove that, in my opinion, will make this song an instant classic Icarus Witch song. I forgot to mention that this is also the second single to be released from the album. Excellent choice guys!!

Shadow Chaser is yet another melodic track that includes nasty riffs and melodic guitars. Definite classic 80s metal influence can be heard on this track. Another great song. Another great hook.

We have reached the end of this masterful album with Starseed Trilogy. Part 1 of the trilogy is The Emerald Tablet is simply a chilling instrumental introduction to the trilogy. Part 2 is titled Ruler Of Arcana. I would say that this is the heaviest of all tracks on the album. It just rips from start to finish. Finishing up the trilogy is And I Am You. D.Cagna once again gives us some lower, grittier vocals but also gives a fair share of melodic vocal melodies.

So, there you have it. I would totally give this album two horns up and raise them high. I can honestly say that this is the tightest most solid lineup in the history of Icarus Witch. The added elements of prog, doom, goth, power, and classic rock to the classic NWOTHM sound makes No Devil Lived On the best release to date from Icarus Witch. Don’t just take my word for it. Go give it a listen or 666 and experience the eargasms for yourselves. You can check out the album on your favorite streaming platform or pick up physical copies at as well. Additionally, be sure to make plans to attend the No Devil Lived On release show at The shred Shed in Pittsburgh, PA, on November 4th with special guests Lady Beast and Left Hand Hymns.

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