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Rock Dance Theatre releases 5th Anniversary merch collection, celebrating birthday on March 26th

Rock Dance Theatre releases 5th Anniversary merch, celebrating birthday on March 26th 2022.

The rock hybrid led by rock choreographer, performer and bassist Anna Achimowicz will be celebrating its 5th anniversary on March 26th. A special merch series is released to celebrate available at the RDT official merch store:

Rock Dance Theatre - is a hybrid rock performance, fusing rock guitar & bass-guitar driven music, physical dance theatre, and visual fashion, founded by rock choreographer, dancer and front woman Anna Achimowicz in march 2016 and with its official name launching in July 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden.

With over 20 years of professional experience on stage, in the physical theatre, fashion and contemporary dance millieu Anna, is currently a freelance creator and artistic director of RDT later to be joined on stage by artists: Luis Kalil, Peter Sager, Vivi Lundström, Zinny Bosse Stagman. Movement director of music video “Satiric Tango” with Jacek Wazelin. In 2019 collaborated with Cult of Chrome group based out of Germany.

Performance "On Edge" was Rock Dance Theatre’s first production where guitarists and dancers were interactive with each other in a new stage show format, which toured Europe across Poland, Sweden and Austria. RDT repertoire includes “Strings n Veins”,

"Tribute to Rock n Roll" and "Crystal Meth Pie” w Yossarian Malewski. Anna has been actively choreographing her own work since 2004 under her own name, later as Companie Achimowicz and Theater Companie Achimowicz.

Rock Dance Theatre is Annas' latest project is supported by Eric Dover (known from Lost Angels, Sextus and Alice Cooper). Support guest act for swedish rock band Stagman. Premiered Ryan Roxies' ( Alice Cooper Band, DPM, Casablanca) "The Uh-Oh Song" in her live show of the "Satiric Tango" Tour, debuting the single in Europe. In 2019 RDT has produced „Fire and Blood, "Steams, Drums n Dance" interactive apocalyptic fashion & percussion show. Premiered “Without You” in 2020 and “Rebel Crush” solo metal project in 2021.

Anna creates in collaboration w. artists from the hard rock and metal music scene, fashion and theatre or film. Founder of DANCE ME_ROCK ME interactive rock & physical action jam. "Without You" Tour 2020 w. costume designer & performer Vincent Grotesque. “Back to Bass-ics” Tour 2021 and announced international collaboration project “Rise of Phoenix - The Attack of Phoenix” 2022.

Guest appeared in: "Szepty" rock music video Vincent and animated music video 'Animals' by Supreme Unbeing w. David Ellefson on EMP Label Group. Guest teacher and masterclass leader in physical performing arts. Author of “TIME to Rock” workshops series, podcast host of RDT TV- “Let’s Rock Live with Anna”. Pre RDT Anna has been awarded and featured twice for a "Woman in The Arts" in Hübners Who is Who Personenenzyklopädien AG based in Zurich Switzerland.

All things Rock Dance Theatre:

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