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Rockstar physiotherapist Anna Achimowicz launches new workshop series in season 2021/2022

Rockstar physiotherapist Anna Achimowicz launches new “Body Management for metal Bass players” workshop series in season 2021/2022

“Body Management for metal Bass players” - A complex practical workshop on What the Musicians Body Remembers, how to apply

Self help and prevent injury from overcompensation.

As a part of Annas medical practice and educational series “Body Management for metal Bass players” is a next series of Body management seminars led and hosted by Anna Achimowicz since 2011, and current directed especially at bass players in the hard rock and metal genre.

About the workshop “Body Management for metal Bass players”

An electric bass players body is an extension of his instrument, it has to remain in healthy balance and fine tuning in order to play. That balance requires a lot of “body management”, largely done by the musician himself. Genres like hard rock and heavy metal require fast, precise playing causing micro injuries and wear & tear over time. Often times lack of rest, sleep and regeneration lead to over-compensation, where one head-bang too many or a prolonged recording session lead to pain, as well as avoiding pain by over using a different body part. Mechanical and repetitive stress onto joints, muscles but especially the nerve system overloaded with ways to cheat the pain, cause habbits, and those lead to injury. And that to a vicious cycle of pause from playing, practicing and rocking the stage, to avoid nerve system ‘errors’ leading to chronic pain or injury it’s important to understand the basic functional connections in the body, that each pick or finger player can apply on his own body, quickly and efficiently taking a big active part in ‘body management’ hands-on to that. The workshop will consist of theory and small exercises, simple tests and try-outs to determine the cause of problem, helping auto-diagnose where compensation begins and when it ends on a wrong note.

Anna Achimowicz - founder, rock choreographer, and front woman of Rock Dance Theatre. Professional stage performer with over 20 years of experience, performer and physical contemporary dance teacher. Freelance movement director for music videos, fashion, stage and film. Raised in San Diego, CA, based currently out of Europe. Guest teacher and masterclass coach. Author of “TIME to Rock” workshop series, author and Rock Dance Theatre live stream meeting series -podcast host, author. Head physiotherapist and owner of individual medical practice since 2011, Dance Medicine Center CMT and currently Performing Arts Medicine CMT as BANDAid - Physiotherapy for Rockstars specialised in body management and treatment of musicians, dancers, athletes and stage performers in the live arts industry. Collaborated with world class medical and research centres as Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Rennbahn Praxisklinik in Basel and Carolina Medical Center in Warsaw, being briefly head of the Functional Training & Gyrokinesis department later Anna developed within her own Dance Medicine Center medical practice that she founded almost immediately after receiving her bachelor degree

Led by: Practice and theory by performing arts medicine specialised Head Physiotherapist of #BANDAid - Anna Achimowicz /CMT/BA/NCMT

Format and duration: Practice & theory + Q&A.

As Anna Achimowicz describes the specificity of BAND Aid’s approach: “Only when performing a body ‘sound check’ and evaluating if all power sources are plugged in, the batteries are fresh and the levels are at an optimum can we determine why we aren't receiving the desired sound, tone and music. The musicians body works very much in the same way, where everything is functionally connected and ONE element affects them ALL.

"The advantage here that musicians and stage performers can profit from is my own over 20 year professional stage experience that I can translate onto my medical work, which is a quite rare combination, giving me the opportunity to offer a way broader and practical understanding of what a rock ‘n’ roll life style truly entails. Especially debunking many training and medical myths that musicians still apply in their routines, but with the development and holistic nature of the human body’s MO have been since updated with current knowledge and understanding. The Body Management seminar series are the best platform to share that knowledge for musicians to immediately apply in their daily routines."

The BAND Aid - Physiotherapy for Rockstars has been founded by performing arts medicine specialised Physiotherapist, gyrokinesis trainer and stage performer Anna Achimowicz. As a branch of Dance Medicine Center CMT founded initially in 2011, Anna's own rock career led to further development into forming Performing Arts Medicine center in 2019, addressing the health needs of dancers, musician and stage performers. BAND Aid is dedicated towards functional diagnosing and treating touring professional musicians as well artists starting their career covering a broad range of music related injuries especially in the hard and heavy demanding genres of hard rock and heavy metal and its intensity of playing and stage performance.

More details to be announced here:

and on the official Performing Arts Medicine social media:

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