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Sara Jackson Holman's Upcoming Album "Supercinematic" (Out This Friday, 12/10)

Sara Jackson-Holman Releases New Album Supercinematic This Friday (12.10)

"All the tears I cried have made a garden of me," sings Sara Jackson-Holman on her second single off her forthcoming album SUPERCINEMATIC. garden of me is an anthemic ode to past selves, a reminder that time softens the sharp edges of suffering. Sweet as spring rain, it is triumphant, glittering, and resplendent-- her most optimistic answer to her gnawing obsession-- "what do we do with our pain?"

Sara is super excited to release her full album this Friday, December 10th. Here's what she had to say about it: "In many ways, I feel like I write because I have to-- it is how I make sense of myself and the world. How do I hold grief and love at the same time? How do I practice acceptance and not dissociate? I still don't really have the answers, but for me, the beauty is found in the question. SUPERCINEMATIC is a soundtrack of my inner world. It is obsessive, emotive, lush-- a vessel for my dramatic inner landscape".

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