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Satin White: Released Official VIDEO A.I From Debut Album Not Grayed At All

Satin White: Released Official VIDEO A.I From Debut Album Not Grayed At All

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“The song is the star” is German rock band SATIN WHITE’s motto and with the release of their new video A.I. they will show you why. It is the second single off of their debut album ‘Not Greyed At All’ and is available on their band's YouTube channel. The album was released on November 25th independently.

SATIN WHITE, fronted by Carsten Kettering (ROSS THE BOSS/ MAJESTY/ IVORY NIGHT) and accomplished musician Frank Schnitzer is a studio band that was meant to be. Coming together after playing together in various projects for many years, they are focused on creating good, honest music. An album filled with catchy melodies, infectious grooves, and songs that make an impact, this latest video follows on from that mission.

Music for all fans of rock and just simply well-written music, SATIN WHITE invites everybody to experience their music with them.

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SATIN WHITE comes from an idea that Carsten Kettering had already 25 years ago. To this day he wrote a large number of songs for this project. Mostly ballads,

Fantasy stories, but also topics that come from Carsten's experiences were worked on. Without being based on a certain musical direction, all songs were composed “from the gut” and are unmistakably originals.

The meaning of SATIN WHITE is based on the psychology of colors.

The color white stands for a new beginning, unlimited possibilities, and hope for the future, even if you don't know what it will bring.

SATIN WHITE recognized and implemented their potential from this musical new beginning.

A completely independent timbre!

Why sound like and do like and want to be like how?

SATIN WHITE makes it easy ...


Peace, Purity, and Virginity? Sterility, Elegance, or Divinity?

Cold, distance, severity? In Japan, the color white is the color of mourning.

The abuse of color was used in colonial times as a sign of the superiority of the

Used by colonial rulers, as well as by other groups from history and current times.

The color extremes black and white are highlighted in the logo band and are intended to underpin these opposing meanings.

Musically, SATIN WHITE looks fresh and contemporary on the one hand, and they are on the other

Texts in stark contrast to the music dealt with rather darkly. Is this the beginning of the end of this project? Does the question arise or rather not?

SATIN WHITE has absolutely no expectations of themselves and is relaxed about the release of their debut album.

Carsten Kettering from Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) is the former

Bassist for Ross The Boss (Manowar, The Dictators), who was involved in songwriting on the albums "New Metal Leader" and "Hailstorm" (AFM Records) as an equal member of the band was involved. Carsten played an active part in the comeback of Ross “The Boss” Friedman with worldwide appearances at festivals and tours.

At MAJESTY Carsten worked on bass and supported the band in 2013 European tours as a live musician. For the album "Banners High" (2013) he appeared as Studio bass player in appearance.

With IVORY NIGHT (now HAMMER KING) Carsten released three albums (7-Dawn Of the Night, Machine, The Healing), toured with the band through South America, played at numerous festivals and clubs across Europe.

Josh Kramer (SAINT) engaged Carsten as a live bass player for his 2005 festival tour "Josh Kramer Of SAINT" in Germany.

Other projects were BURNING BUSES and MEN OF WAR.

Carsten Kettering shared the stage with JUDAS PRIEST, JOURNEY, POWERWOLF, GRAVE DIGGER, BATTLE BEAST, PRIMAL FEAR, GUANO APES, and many more.

Important festival appearances: Masters Of Rock (Czech Republic), Bloodstock Festival (England), Gilmann Fest (Venezuela), Bang Your Head Festival, Keep It True Festival, and many more

Tours: POWERWOLF (Wolfsnächte Tour 2013, No.1 German Album Charts Tour), GRAVE DIGGER (German Metal Attack Tour 2013), Ross The Boss (Germany, South America, Greece and European tour “New Metal Leader” 2008 with SINNER).

Frank Schnitzer is a guitar teacher, singer and multi-instrumentalist without any particular musical style. He made his first steps as a rock guitarist in 1995

Carsten Kettering, who finally led him to SATIN WHITE 24 years later.

In the meantime he played both as a permanent member and as a guest musician in various big bands, brass bands, cover rock bands, and band projects in Germany, France, and Spain, such as the "fiesta de la cerveza" in Calella or the German Federal Music Festival in Friedrichshafen. Since 2009 he has been an integral part of the acoustic duo TRUE VOICES as a singer and guitarist.

Satin White - A.I. Official Video


1. I Feel Alive

2. Wonderland

3. I'll Be Here

4. Come On

5. Daydreamer

6. Cry, Children

7. Like Anyone

8. Heading For The Night

9. Abused

10. Come And Go

11. A.I.

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