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Saudi One Man Prog DUSK Announces First Full-Length "Spectrums" Out February 2023

Saudi Arabia’s DUSK is a one-man musical progressive metal journey from the mind of Meshari Sangora. Once a college DJ in UAE, that time in his life lead to his rediscovery of all forms of metal and was just the beginning of creating his own music as a self-taught musician and producer. Starting out in 2020, over the last two years, DUSK has released two EPs “To Where I Belong” (2021) and “Ascension” (2020) along with multiple stand-alone singles.

Now this coming February 2023, DUSK will release the first full-length entitled "Spectrums". Writing the album at the beginning of November 2021, it will feature 12 tracks with many guests such as Khalid C from local Saudi melodic death band Entropia, and Abdulrahman Elghazali (who was a featured guest on EP 'To Where I Belong") along with collaborations with international artists such as Aron Harris of the New York death metal based band Solemn Vision and the great Jaani Peuhu, previously known from the highly recognized band Swallow The Sun and his current band Ianai. Vocals are also sung in many other languages English, German, Finnish, and Arabic.

The album is also meant to be listened to as a Side A and Side B. The first half of the album (Side A) is aggressively sounding, and more guitar-focused and has a build-up of more hostility to each track while the listener moves forward. The second half (Side B) aims for a new sound from DUSK infusing more of the electric/EDM-ish sound where it's more focused and digitized sounding and widely more appealing to the non-metal listener, all while keeping the same aggression level building up with each track.

With the name "Spectrums" came the main idea for the record, which is giving the music and letting everyone DUSK wanted to work with, put their creative input and point of view, discussing real topics and relatable stories so that the average listener feels the connection and experiences a full emotional journey throughout the whole album. As the songwriting developed for the full-length, DUSK also decided to infuse different languages and different styles, genres, and sounds.

"I wanted to bring more to the table and make this album a possible gateway to new audiences and perhaps fans from both sides, the metal heads & the non-metal listeners. I think all people who enjoy music will be interested in it, with all that has been added and all the different genres mixed in. What I'm trying to do with this record is to make everyone experience their own feelings and their own journey, the topics for this project are big and very stretched, some of the topics deal with real issues like betrayal and disposition, Love, Hate, and Hope." adds DUSK

Creating the album was a task for DUSK, but as a one-man band, it was an easier workflow that he found really incredible.

"I have the full creative process to express my feelings and emotion without any interventions that may happen between band members, And I also love to give the creative space for the vocal artists to add their touch and magic when it comes to collaborating with them, I normally tell them the theme of the demo I share with them, and sometimes what subjects to talk about other than that, they always have the full creative space when it comes to vocals/writings lyrics."

Recommended for fans of Currents, Born of Osiris, Novelists, and Deftones, and anything under the progressive djenty core metal realm, the debut album "Spectrums" is due out on February 17th, 2023, and will be released on all digital platforms including vinyl.

The album was fully written & recorded at Dusk's studio with the mixing and mastering done by Tom Haberland of Crushing Waves Studio. Album artwork created by Giannis Nakos from Remedy Studios. M

Two singles will also be unveiled in lead up to the full-length's release, "Lethal Perspectives" ft. Aron Harris and "Karma Will Find You" ft. Moe Steiger.

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