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Saudi Psychedelic Prog Songs of Petrichor New Animated Music Video "She's In Black"

Saudi Psychedelic Prog Songs of Petrichor New Animated Music Video "She's In Black"

Self-Titled Album Out November 2021 via Wall of Sound Records

L-R - Shaharyar Hamdani (Vocals, Guitar), Yousuf Masood (Guitar, Bass), Omair Soomro (Drums, Lyrics)

Progressive grunge rock trio Songs of Petrichor released their debut single "Nomad" this past March in preview to their self-titled album coming November 2021 via Wall of Sound Records.

Today, the band is giving fans another sneak peek of what's to come off the full-length with their second single entitled "She's In Black".

Conjuring up the 60’s psychedelic spirit with a bit of modern alternative madness, the trio continues elaborating their sound with their instruments adding a centerpiece with a prolific keyboard to create a raw yet jubilant dialogue with the hypnotic performance that will swirl within your head.

"It’s like hearing your old friend singing next to you, reminding you of the old beautiful days, but with no sense of remorse or guilt, just shrug off your burden and enjoy the tune. Shahrayer on the vocals, guitars and keys manages to convey and delivers an on the spot performance, everything for this single was in the right place, no exaggeration, nor short in delivery, it’s just sounded right! Youssef on bass, couldn’t help himself, but have maximum fun tackling those rough strings, creating an exquisite harmony with the drums, rumbling throughout the notes, giving himself a space to let it out, on the other hand, we have Omair on the drums, one question we had on mind while listening to the single, how on earth did he manage that kind of impeccable delivery? Combining the contrasts, ruthlessness yet swiftness, oh, we can call him the gentle beast? That may depict the correct image when it comes to Omair’s style of play, we would go as far and say that he did elevated and carried undisputed emotions toward the end." adds the band. A well-crafted song, "She's In Black" will take you back in time, but with-it own terms and Songs of Petrichor conditions adding their touches and what it seems like their futuristic trademarks that showed off clearly in their debut single ‘Nomad’ and now with ‘She’s In Black’ they are sure it will no be hindered or shied off on their forthcoming tracks to follow.

For fans of Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, and The Byrds, "She's In Black" can be heard via its trippy animated music video on YouTube - Digital stream and download are available at the following links: Spotify: Bandcamp: Previous music video - "Nomad" -

For more info:

Band Links: Facebook | Instagram


A nostalgic, melancholic revival of influenced 70's prog, 90's grunge, and South Asian classical music, Songs of Petrichor has fused a refreshing sound from the Middle East. With all members of the band being multi-instrumentalists, the crafting of songs has always taken an interesting approach with each of them having mutual respect for each other's instrumentation.

Admitting that they are first and foremost a live experience, Songs of Petrichor’s true chemistry comes to life when adding improvisation to their stage performance, but in the meantime, with lockdowns around the globe, they feel it is necessary to allow the public to enjoy their sonic adventures online until then.

Songs of Petrichor's goal with their forthcoming record is to take listeners on a journey of rain-induced sentiment, strong emotions, and adoration for the classic yet modern love of rock.

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