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Scranton Gives Hometown Welcome to Trinity of Terror Tour Part II

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

6,000+ rock and metal fans piled in line for round 2 of one of 2022's top-selling tours. Warped scene veterans Black Veil Brides, Ice Nine Kills, and Scranton natives Motionless In White came back together with We Came as Romans as support to bring fans four hours of in your face music and community with one another as concerts begin slowly returning to "normal". This tour had rave reviews from outlets during the first run, and this second run proved those right.


Openers We Came as Romans started off the night with the high energy the band has become known for over the years. This was the first performance of theirs we caught after the sudden passing of vocalist Kyle Pavone, but David Stephens did not disappoint in the least. Each note and tune the band played oozed dedication to their fallen brothers and the fans who followed them all the way to 2022.

Overall, they were a strong opening choice for a high energy tour like this one. If you plan on going to one of the tour dates, they are definitely worth getting to the venue early enough for their set.


Like We Came as Romans, this was not our first Black Veil Brides show ever (albeit it had been a few years since the last show). Despite coming out with new music over the last year and playing a couple new tunes, it was nice to hear a setlist that served more as a throwback to what longtime fans know and love. (It went even as far back as "We Stitch These Wounds" with "Knives and Pens" on the list, and the crowd went as nuts as they would have at Warped Tour ten years ago hearing it.)

Frontman Andy Biersack's vocals only improved in strength and tone richness over the years. Jake Pitts and Jinxx played off of each other on guitar (and also violin for Jinxx) beautifully with Christian Coma matching their energy with his drums. "New" bassist Lonny Eagleton also makes for not only a charismatic addition to the band, but a fun one as you can see how well everyone gets along when they play together. It was a wonderfully nostalgic performance.


This show was our first time seeing Ice Nine Kills live, and we can say this: they have one of the best live shows we have seen in a long time. The theatrics, lighting, and SFX are top-notch and larger than life (suitable enough to pull in everyone from the barricade to the lawn into the show), and their musical chops are impressive to boot. Singer Spencer Charnas was constantly on the move and getting the crowd roaring and rowdy in the most positive senses of those words.

Any fan of the other bands on the bill can find an appreciation for these guys, but they will truly pull the heartstrings of those who hold classic horror near and dear to their heart. (If you enjoy a good mosh pit and crowd surfing, their set is great for those activities also.) Don't miss their set lest the regret haunt you later on.


And then it was time for the headlining hometown boys. Once again, we had seen Motionless In White in the past. However, their performance this go-around was something special to behold. The Scranton-based metal quintet tore out from backstage into their song "Disguise" with constant stares out into the ear-pummeling crowd full of chants, sing-alongs, and screams of approval. The emotion on the faces of Chris Motionless and Ricky Olson especially spoke to the magnitude of the night - them headlining the large venue of their childhoods that they dreamed to play one day.

Even with slower tunes added for good measure, their entire set was high energy and full of song from the crowd with an appearance from David Benites nailing Knocked Loose vocalist Bryan Garris's part of "Stranglehold" to hype everyone up further. Motionless In White were happy to be on that stage, but we believe the fans and their family members who have supported them from the start were even prouder to witness them achieve a lifelong dream.

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