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SCREAM AT THE SKY Unleashes New Video For "World Of Hate

SCREAM AT THE SKY Unleashes New Video For "World Of Hate (Industrial Metal)

Texas industrial/metal band SCREAM AT THE SKY has unleashed a brand new video for their song, "World Of Hate." The track appears on SCREAM AT THE SKY's self-titled EP which dropped in February of 2020.

The "World Of Hate" video was directed by Erik Gustafson courtesy of Erik Gustafson Cinematography and Brian Carter.

"This is actually one of the first songs I wrote for SCREAM AT THE SKY. I wrote the song about a real life situation of one of my close friends giving up everything because of their world falling down around them .

The song itself was written to inspire people to be proud of what they have. Life tests you every day. But you're not alone because the same battles that you facie involve and impact more than you if you fail.

It's also about looking directly into a person who is not really there in their mind, soul, and spirit; a body walking in a world without a soul... without purpose, only hatred and doubt living in their mind. It's about finding your way by turning your hate into purpose through stepping up and taking the test the world of hate throws at you.

It's written to get a message to the person directly that was and is still fighting their own battles, with hope that one day they get back to doing what they are good at and love. Come down walk in a world of hate. This is just another test that you have to take!!!" - Brian Carter

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