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Set It Off Releases Quirky Album "Elsewhere"

Set It Off has become a mainstay in modern day Pop/Rock genre and has been on the touring grind for almost a decade now. After the last record "Midnight" dropped in 2019 I honestly thought to myself there was no way they would ever out do themselves. Boy, I was wrong!

"Elsewhere" which dropped on March 11th 2022 blows my mind the more I dive into the sixteen track record. SIO has always evolved with their sound and has different sounds from track to track, this album proves that point even more. I personally have the attention span of a goldfish, so for me to listen to this length of a record and not get bored is a pretty giant accomplishment.

First song is also the first single from the record "Skeleton" which had almost a melodic feel. Super moody and airy, the catchy chorus with the down tempo elements is pretty artsy.

"Projector" was the second single and second track (this is the last of that trend) and it is honestly seeing the guys at their best. This song and the video is really quirky and colorful, while tackling a topic about not "projecting anger". The catchy groove riff from Zach DeWall fits Cody Carsons vocal structure so well.

This song should be a go to for any SIO fan wanting to introduce new fans to the band, 10/10 video and song combined no way could've been better. Fantastic job fellas.

To jump around a bit, a couple other songs that caught my attention were "Cut Off" and "Cordial". They both have more of a aggressive tone while still staying in the borderline pop vibe that we know from SIO. I think these tracks are as brutal as SIO gets and that's fine by me.

"Who's in Control" was another single off the record and it is another dabble in more of the straight pop side the guys show, another great riff from Zach with some fuzzy overtones and echoing vocals from Cody to add some drama.

All in all "Elsewhere" dives into another side and chapter from Set It Off that we didn't see on the last few records, and that is what I love about this band the most. Every album something new and fresh. 10/10 recommend deep diving into this record, don't let the length scare you off. It's incredible.

Set It Off – Elsewhere tracklisting:

1. Skeleton

2. Projector

3. Cut Off

4. Loose Cannon

5. Why Do I

6. As Good As It Gets

7. Who’s In Control

8. Taste of the Good Life

9. Why Not Me

10. Dangerous

11. Cordial

12. The Magic 8

13. Playing With Bad Luck

14. Peekaboo

15. Catch a Break

16. Better Than This

You can stream and check out all Set It Off on the links below.

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