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Shania Twain Lights "Up" Camden

The energy radiating from Camden's Freedom Mortgage Pavilion once you walked through the doors emanated party energy. Women walked around with cowgirl boots and hats hooting and shouting, ready for the fun night ahead of them. (Between Breland and Shania, we're sure they all had a fun night indeed.)


Opening act and New Jersey native Breland received a warm welcome home from an excited Camden crowd. Breland's music is an interesting mixture of pop, hip-hop/rap, and country that we never saw before. The music was catchy, but so was his smile seeing his home crowd. He loves what he does, and his performance shows it.

He has a string of more Shania Twain opening dates and dates with Walker Hayes; head out to a show and catch his act, if you're able to.


After Breland and a quick prep period, the star of the show started her set closer to the soundboard/back of the crowd. She serenaded screaming fans with "Waking Up Screaming" before making her way onto the stage. While her voice was not the voice from 20 years ago or so during her performances, she still hit solid notes and performed well with some drop tuning adjustments to fit her current vocal condition.

Throughout the night, her setlist had a great balance of classics and newer tracks like "Inhale/Exhale Air" with Breland for fans to enjoy. The crowd especially popped for the classic hits like "Up!", "I'm Gonna Getcha Good", and "Any Man of Mine". One of the best parts of Shania's show, though, was the amount of fan interaction she incorporated. She formed a sense of intimacy in such a large venue and made every individual she brought on stage feel special including an eight-year-old girl.

Shania showed that she still has the chops to perform with some minor adjustments, and her stage show and presence help add some theatricality behind her ability. Even if it's just lawn seats, definitely buy a ticket and catch her at a date nearest to you!

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