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Sick Puppies original frontman, SHIM, is recording some Sick Puppies hits for fans live on Twitch

Sick Puppies original frontman, SHIM, is recording some of the early Sick Puppies hits for fans live on Twitch, while also debuting new music. SHIM will begin with “You’re Going Down,” “Maybe” and “Riptide,” as well as moving on to new songs that he says will be “heavier than anything the Puppies ever did."

"People are angry and they deserve to be. I want to make some music that reflects that and doesn’t pull any punches. Something you can really break shit to. I also want to make the Sick Puppies songs heavier now for the fans that have asked for it," says Shim.

The recording process will be done in a state of the art recording studio in Nashville and live streamed on Twitch with a 10 camera set up across 3 separate live rooms.

Over the coming weeks, Shim will be giving fans the chance to sing on the records by sending files to his discord server. Also anyone from around the world will be able to write songs with him during his “Lockdown Sessions” where fans contribute lyrics to a pre-written track that SHIM then has to sing.

The live stream will be free to watch and participate in and anyone with an Amazon Prime membership will be able to subscribe to SHIM’s Twitch channel for free to receive new music, access to private content and a chance to win free tickets to his virtual ZOOM concerts every weekend.

Shim will be live every weeknight on and does private, exclusive VIP concerts on ZOOM every weekend where you can chat, ask questions and request your favorite song.

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