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Sidewalk Mafia - Paranoia - (Blackened Doom Metal)

Sidewalk Mafia - 'Paranoia' (Blackened Doom Metal)

Release Date: February 04, 2022

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Sidewalk Mafia is a metal / doom band from Helsinki, Finland. The band operates as a duo, but in a gig situation, the band is a trio with a guest bassist. The band's sound is extremely heavy and oppressive with a low tuned guitar, but also melodic and at the same time atmospheric. About the new single + music video band says: "Paranoia" is our third single. This song represents our roots. With this song and music video we are bowing towards the direction of our 90's favorites. The full-length album will be released in late spring 2022!

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Voc / Guitars: Tommy Paroles

Drums / Voc: Johannes Wolfpathon

Label: Blood Rite Records, Germany"

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