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"Silver Lynx" brings the best of 80's Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in new EP

"Silver Lynx" brings the best of 80's Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in new EP

From the Sunset Strip straight to Brazil, Silver Lynx is a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band influenced by the Glam scene that dominated Los Angeles in the 80's and that contaminated and influenced Pop culture around the world, showing itself as a modern version of the bands that influenced them.

With a characteristic look and a hyperactive behavior on stage, the band's proposal is simple; Destroy everything in your path with your explosive and hyperactive Rock n' Roll. A high and powerful sound, strident guitars, throbbing bass, accelerated drums and torn voices, are the ingredients for the band to continue conquering crowds and hearts, hooking the unsuspecting with their Powerful Rock and impacting the most ported of society with their attitude and attitude. killer look (and very beautiful)!

The band has just released their first EP/DEMO, containing six songs ranging from the heavy "Rebels", "Ridin in Hell" and "Its Not More About Fun"; to the power ballad "Lost on You" (after all, brutes love it too). The EP/DEMO also includes the danceable "Last Train" and "Dont Deal With the Devil", the latter with a more classic sound, showcasing the band's different influences ranging from Iron Maiden to Aerosmith.

Those who witness the Silver Lynx live are hooked by the energy and surrender to the Silver Lynx, reliving a time so loud it is capable of resonating to this day.

Silver Lynx:

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