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Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer Mychael Gabriel Releases New Single "Sunday Afternoon" + Official Music

"Sunday Afternoon" and Genesis can be streamed/downloaded at:


WATCH the official music video for "Sunday Afternoon" here:

Stream "Sunday Afternoon" on Spotify

MYCHAEL GABRIEL has released his latest single "Sunday Afternoon" to all major platforms! The single is from his highly anticipated album titled Genesis that is available now!

At times heartbreaking, and others tender, Mychael Gabriel’s “Sunday Afternoon” deftly navigates the highs and lows of a relationship through a melody of piercing lyrics that are as seamless as they are true.

And the man’s talents don’t stop there. Mychael Gabriel flexes once more to direct the music video for "Sunday Afternoon", an artful contemplation of the contradictions of intimate relationships. Amidst the late autumn beauty of what must be Minnesota’s lake-dappled plains, Gabriel encounters a veiled woman in the spacious plains. Take in the striking red of her robing juxtaposed over golden shoots of dying grass—it’s oozing with intention without being heavy handed, showing us we’re not just listening to “some musician” but encountering a true, well-rounded artist. Come for the music, stay for the revelation.

Recently, Dave Morales with Backstage OL (FOX 26 Houston) sat down with Mychael to discuss the new record. WATCH it here:

Mychael's story is unique and compelling. His story begins when his parents met during the Prince's historic PURPLE RAIN World Tour. Mychael's father, Gilbert Davison was part of Prince's personal security detail on the Purple Rain tour and eventually became Director of Security, Prince's Manager and President of Paisley Park. Mychael's mother, Connie, was Sheila E.'s road manager and co-lyricist. Mychael is also Sheila E.'s co-producer, lead guitarist, studio engineer and collaborator.


1 - “In The Beginning”

2 - “Let There Be Light”

3 - “Celebrate”

4 - “Madam I’m Adam”

5 - “Radioactive Girl”

6 - “When It Comes 2 U”

7 - “Sunday Afternoon”

8 - “SummerTyme”

9 - “Diamonds In Your Eyes”

10 - “Mountain King”

11 - “Faith (Love U Anyway)

12 - "See U Again"

MYCHAEL GABRIEL is a Minneapolis-grown singer and songwriter whose bent on exploring the never-ending sonic space that is music. A a multi-dimensional artist in more ways than one, Mychael Gabriel is on a mission to break the barriers of what is and what could be. His unique creativity is in a constant state of evolution and innovation, guaranteeing that each new release spells an experience unlike any other. Mychael's music has been recognized as elements of the Minneapolis sound with a guitar style of Jimi Hendrix and vocals of Lenny Kravitz.

As a writer, producer, arranger, engineer, mixer, musician - Mychael Gabriel has worked and collaborated with iconic talents Sheila E., Stevie Wonder, Ringo Starr,Hans Zimmer, Usher, John Legend, Snoop Dogg, Beck, Common, Gary Clark Jr., St. Vincent, Miguel, H.E.R., Earth Wind and Fire, Gloria Estefan, the Escovedo Family, George Duke, George Clinton, Freddie Stone (of Sly and the Family Stone), just to name a few. His work has been featured on MasterClass, DreamWorks Animation, ABC Network,2007 and 2012 Latin GrammyAwards, 2016 BET Awards, Super Bowl XXVI, 2020 Grammy Awards, 2020 Grammy Salute to Prince. Mychael has proved time and again his merit on some of the world’s biggest stages and alongside music legends.

With a passion for producing truly epic auditory experiences, Mychael Gabriel has written, produced and performed a number of tracks that scratch the itch in your ear and propel you into tomorrow. In 2018’s pop-inspired “GHOST IN THE MIDNIGHT”, Mychael Gabriel channels nostalgia and flaunts a vivid imagination with flare, in 2019’s slow-burn groove-track “HONESTY” Mychael Gabriel ponders the naked truth of relationships. In 2020, we all witnessed the toll inaction, police brutality, and political cruelty takes on our communities. Mychael’s “FURY” and “INVICTUS” voiced a poetic call-to-action for us to stand together. In 2021, “SIGHTS AND SOUNDS" paints a cinematic mood of a midnight-drive; rustling wind, neon signage and rhythmic vibes that mimic a revving engine. “CELEBRATE” dives deep into the artists funky MPLS roots and is the first single from the just released album GENESIS. "Let There Be Light" was written, performed, and produced by the multi-dimensional Minneapolis artist, Mychael Gabriel. This rocksentric, 1970s inspired track with loud guitars and a killer groove - is sure to turn the vibe up to eleven. The culmination of a monstrous guitar solo not only illustrates Mychael’s talent and prowess while in his element, but demonstrates why he is a force to be reckoned with. WATCH the video for "Let There Be Light" now!

For More Information Please Visit:

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