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SINGLE REVIEW: Ryder - "Lilan's Lullaby (Acoustic)"

Ryder, a hard rock band hailing from Queens, New York, are back with an acoustic version of their most successful single to date "Lilan’s Lullaby". Taking a different approach, Ryder has created a hauntingly beautiful version of the track. The violin intro paired with James Ryder’s raspy vocals give the song a folk-rock edge that wasn’t present in the original version. The stripped back instrumentation gives the song a new breath of life, one that does not disappoint.

Andrew Bloch’s acoustic take on the guitar solo does not disappoint, playing it note for note perfectly. The acoustic gives the solo a different, but still remains powerful and crucial to the song as a whole. "Lilan’s Lullaby (Acoustic)" has everything you could ask for in a great hard rock ballad. From powerful vocals, intriguing lyrics and beautiful melody, "Lilan’s Lullaby" is definitely a track that’ll give you goosebumps and is worth adding to your favorite playlist.

Ryder will be back on May 12th with their next record “RyderLive”, "Lilan’s Lullaby (Acoustic)" giving you a small taste of what’s to come on this upcoming release.

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