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SINGLE REVIEW: Zyx - "Daisy Chain"

Zyx Promo Photo

Atlanta’s rock and roll party band are back with their first single since the release of their self-titled debut album last summer, and they’re hotter than ever. With a 70s rock groove, “Daisy Chain” introduces a new side to the band. A Led Zeppelin mixed with an early Aerosmith sound transports you back to the mid-seventies, the era of bell bottoms and floral prints. The band worked hard on this one, wanting to expand their sound and it paid off. “Daisy Chain” feels as though it belongs in the 2000s release “Almost Famous”, a song Penny Lane and her fellow Band-Aids would adore.

With Jackson Whitings bass lines that you feel in your soul, to Niko Maheras’ guitar that oozes in that classic rock tone that gives you goosebumps, the brand new single and band deserve all the attention. Whiting, Mahera and Alec Floyd (Drums) all contribute to the vocals on this track, adding a diversity to it that isn’t commonly used within a rock song. All three members’ unique voices blend perfectly together to create a. brilliant vocal track that matches the vibe of the song to a T.

Matching the sexiness that was 70s rock, while still constructing their own sounds, Zyx have created something that both new and old rock fans alike will enjoy. This is a new and exciting era for the band, and you do not want to miss what’s to come.

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