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SOJOURNER Releases Third Single “The Event Horizon” | New Album, "Premonitions", Out Now!

SOJOURNER Releases Third Single “The Event Horizon“ | Listen HERE! Gaming Livestream + Q&A + Full Album Stream of Premonitions – Today at 09:00PM CEST on Napalm Records YouTube Channel | Attend HERE! New Album, Premonitions, OUT NOW

[Photo Credit: Katrina Witt] “The Event Horizon“– Dark and violent shaded atmospheric black metal rises with Premonitions Today the maestros of levitating bleakness, SOJOURNER, release their third single“The Event Horizon”and their new album Premonitions via Napalm Records. The doom-inspired closing epos epitomizes the somber atmosphere of Premonitions. Radiating both melancholic and contemplative energy, “The Event Horizon” is the heaviest track the band has released – a weighty pinnacle of the initiated stylistic journey, showcasing both growls and stunning melodies that enrich the unmistakable sonic niche the group has established for themselves.

Singer Emilio Crespo states:

““The Event Horizon“ is a song where some of the worst feelings in someone can come to life. A sense of dread, loss, isolation and the overall sensation of nothingness takes over. I thought it would be fitting to take some inspiration from a black hole in space. To spiral until the point of no return (or in a black hole's case, Singularity). There can be hints of nihilism found in the song as well. When I listen to the song I can still immerse myself in the dark world we painted with the song and it stands as a very powerful track for me." Guitarist Mike Lamb adds:

"On the first two albums we always had more triumphant closers, but after the year that we've all had we knew this album would end on a much darker note. The song is a very doom-inspired track that constricts at the end to mirror the audio equivalent of the song constricting to a point of no return, like its namesake. As an album closer we wanted it to mark a metaphorical definitive closing of this horrible chapter of our lives so that we can move onto new things as a band and as individuals."

Watch the video for “The Event Horizon” HERE!

Gaming Livestream + Q&A + Full Album Stream of new album Premonitions! As part of the #NapalmSofaSeries and just in time for the release of SOJOURNER’s brand new offering, Premonitions, singer Emilio Crespo has prepared a very special streaming session for all the fans. Today on May 8th at 09:00PM CEST / 03:00PM EST, Emilio will host a live Q&A chat on the Napalm Records YouTube channel as he attempts to speed run through the remake of survival horror classic video game Resident Evil 3, while streaming the band’s new album Premonitions! Join the gaming livestream HERE:

Premonitions rises like an upcoming vortex that leaves the violent, yet undeniably beautiful stylistic evolution of their sound in an exceptional fusion of folk and atmospheric black metal.

Order the new album Premonitions NOW!

Their un-inimitable tonal trademark breathes the band’s internationality: Living in four different countries, they combine each mindset and evoke the sweeping, melancholic atmospheres of nature merging with aggressive black metal fundamentals. SOJOURNER forms an indestructible bond that mirrors through their music. This album is not only a masterfully told story, but also a milestone confirming the group’s unique approach towards the genre!


1. The Monolith

2. Eulogy for the Lost

3. The Apocalyptic Theater

4. Talas

5. Fatal Frame

6. The Deluge

7. Atonement

8. The Event Horizon

Premonitions will be available in North America the following formats:

- digital album

- CD digipak

- 2-LP Gatefold vinyl (black)

- 2-LP Gatefold vinyl (yellow/blue) -mailorder only

-  Bundle: CD + T-Shirt  -mailorder only

- Bundle: T-shirt + 2-LP Gatefold vinyl (black) -mailorder only

- Bundle: T-shirt + 2-LP Gatefold vinyl (yellow/blue) -mailorder only


Emilio Crespo - vocals

Mike Lamb - guitars, piano, synth/keyboards

Chloe Bray - guitars, vocals, tin whistle/piano

Mike Wilson - bass

Riccardo Floridia - drums

Scotty Lodge - live bass More info:

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