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SPACE OF VARIATIONS Releases Gut-Punching New Single “ULTRABEAT”

Metalcore Unit SPACE OF VARIATIONS Releases Gut-Punching New Single And Dystopian Video „ULTRABEAT“ - Watch HERE

Featuring Ukrainian Rap Sensation alyona alyona

[Photo Credit: Arina Kasatkina]

Following up to the release of their Napalm Records debut EP XXXXX in 2019, Ukranian metalcore unit SPACE OF VARIATIONS is finally back with a bang, releasing their new single „ULTRABEAT“ today, along with an impressive dystopian music video!

Seamlessly mixing gut-punching riffs and pounding drums with colorful, pulsing synths and elements of hip-hop, the four-piece takes no prisoners from the second the song starts. Dmytro Kozhukhar’s vocals cut through the dense instrumental ever so clear with angry, bold lyrics – reminiscent of legends like BODY COUNT and HATEBREED, as guitarist and singer Olexii Zatserkovnyi then delivers the melodic hook, giving “ULTRABEAT” its unique post-hardcore feel. Finishing off with an insane verse from Ukranian rap sensation alyona alyona, SPACE OF VARIATIONS embodies the spirit of breaking down genres and letting the music speak for itself!

Watch the music video for “ULTRABEAT” (feat. alyona alyona) HERE:

SPACE OF VARIATIONS about the making of “ULTRABEAT”:

“We wanted to do something special, different and unexpected on the new record. We wanted to expand the limits of our songwriting and creativity and do the same for the listener… That’s when the idea of a collaboration with Ukrainian hip-hop queen alyona alyona was born. She liked the idea of seeing herself in a new, “heavy metal” way, and so alyona alyona became the first artist featured on a track with us. We are so proud with the result!”

„ULTRABEAT“ is an exciting glimpse into what can be expected from the next full-length album from SPACE OF VARIATIONS, which the band is currently working on!

Listen to “ULTRABEAT” (feat. alyona alyona) HERE:


Dima Kozhuhar - Vocals

Alex Zatserkovny - Guitar/vocals

Anton Kasatkin - Bass

Tima Kasatkin - Drums


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