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Platinum selling International recording artists STATIC-X's highly anticipated PROJECT REGENERATION VOL. 1 hit retailers around the globe on July 10th and quickly hit #1 and #8 on iTunes. The album was #1 most added at metal radio last week and the album was also featured on the cover and #1 on Tidal's Hybrid Theories playlist and was named "Metal Album of the Week" by Deezer. The band has also released the official music video for "Bring You Down". The song hit #1 on Spotify's New Metal Tracks playlist (475k followers) and was added to Spotify's Kickass Metal Playlist (1M+ followers), Spotify's Rock Hard Playlist (750k followers), and 23 other Spotify official playlists and 312,000 fan playlists.

PROJECT REGENERATION Volume 1 features 12 brand new STATIC-X tracks, containing many of the final vocal performances and musical compositions by WAYNE STATIC, along with the original Wisconsin Death Trip lineup of bassist TONY CAMPOS, drummer KEN JAY, and guitarist KOICHI FUKUDA.

Both volumes are being mixed by longtime STATIC-X producer ULRICH WILD.

PROJECT REGENERATION Volume 1 is available on all digital platforms and physical copies can be ordered at or in local retailers, if they are open. Click to get the album! As previously noted, the limited edition blue vinyl will begin shipping on August 14, 2020.

Track List:

1. Regeneration

3. Worth Dyin For

4. Terminator Oscillator

6. Accelerate

7. Bring You Down (Project Regeneration)

8. My Destruction

9. Something of My Own (Project Regeneration)

10. Otsego Placebo

11. Follow

12. Dead Souls Early Praise for PROJECT REGENERATION VOL. 1:

“One of the best releases of their career” - Loudwire “Every track is hard hitting, gritty, industrial metal at its finest. Considering that Project Regeneration Vol. 1 was pieced together from demos, it really is a commendable effort. What could seem like a cash grab is far from it. The album is a fully fleshed collection that properly cements Wayne’s legacy.” - Consequence of Sound “The signature sound of that metallic, disco thumping, modern metal 1-2 punchy dance beat is well placed in almost every track on here, it really is the best of what Static-X is.” – 8/10 - The Rockpit

"There are absolutely no negative views about this album. It's a masterpiece, every single track we've listened to, we've been headbanging, singing along and just imagining what it would be like to witness this madness live on stage." - Rock Lifestyle UK “Static-X has proved regeneration is not only possible, but thrilling and monumental.” - Brutal Planet Magazine “A presentation that is without argument, a work that kicks off the second half of 2020 on a high note for the hard rock and metal community. One of the year’s top new hard rock/metal albums overall.” - Phil's Picks

“A must have for fans new and old.” - Metal Anarchy “'Hollow', 'Terminator Oscillator' and 'All These Years' deserve to be placed in any playlist of the Californians and this is no small feat.” - -CORE “As electric as it is emotional. “Project Regeneration Vol. 1” undoubtedly carries the essence of a true Static-X album in every imaginable way” - Sonic Perspectives

“A triumphant middle finger from the great ether. There are no weak tracks at all.” - 8/10 - Ghost Cult Magazine “The band did an excellent job of combining old and new into a compelling album.” - 3.5/5 - Heavy Music HQ

"Static-X new album, Project Regeneration Vol 1. , is nothing short of amazing." - Music Existence "Despite the fact this record sounds extremely novel, perching itself in the sonic vacuum of the early 00s, it’s acutely fleshed out, cohesive and more importantly, ferociously fun." - 3.7/5 - Sputnik Music "A BRILLIANT, YET BITTERSWEET ALBUM" - 4/5 - DRIVETRIBE

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