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Steel Panther Celebrate The Release Of "Heavy Metal Rules" at The Whisky A Go Go

Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California has so much history, so many bands have performed at this historic venue.  Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, KISS, Led Zepplin, The Doors, and so many more have graced this stage with their brilliance. 

This venue has so much history and has had such a big impact on the rock industry.

Tonight the always entertaining Steel Panther have sold out this historic

venue and are ready to celebrate their fifth studio album "Heavy Metal Rules".

Steel Panther's line-up consists of Michael Starr (vocals), Satchel (guitar), Lexxi Foxx (Bass), and Stix Zadinia (Drums).

The quartet began to gain popularity on the Sunset Strip during the early 2000s under the name Metal Shop (soon changed into Metal Skool, then into Steel Panther). 

Since then the band has been making huge waves across the U.S. with (what feels like) constant touring and always changing the show.

The night started off with a classic rock band California, line-up consisting of John Gregory (Vocals/Guitar), Jason Orme (Lead Guitar), Joe Lester (bass), and Max. M (drums). To some this may be a new band, however, that's not the case.

California is a very classic soothing rock band. I could easily picture these guys setting up their amps on a beach and playing around a campfire.

The band started back in 1997. Even with a long hiatus the band remained friends and decided to reunite to start playing shows and making music again.  The set even included some new songs that they just wrote "Devil's On The Radio" and "Killing Time". 

I can't wait to see what these dudes do. It's really obvious they have been playing together for a long time, they sounded so tight!

Finally, the lights dimmed and the first track "Zebraman" started to play.  The

always gorgeous rockers enter the stage and start the night off by playing

the first single off the new record " All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight)".

This song is one of their best songs, ever., not just off this album. The energy the crowd had felt super intense. The band followed into a rarely played live favorite of mine off their second studio album "Balls Out" called "Let Me Cum In". The set they played had a great mix of older stuff, like "Eyes Of A Panther", "Gloryhole', "Party All Day", "Asian Hookah", just to name a few.

They jammed out to "Always Gonna Be a Ho" which the crowd was losing their minds to.

"Fuck Everybody" had the crowd jumping around, and super engaged. If you saw

my review of the album, I mentioned that I couldn't wait to hear this one live.  It definitely did not disappoint.  That song has such an anthem-like quality to it. 

I dig the vibes of it so much. 

It's no secret I have seen this band a time or two (or eighteen but who's counting. They never fail to impress me with their showmanship, how incredible musicians they are, and their comedic aspect of the show never lets me down! They always put on such a killer, energetic, insane performance.

This band is killing it right now, and at the very top of their game. 

 If you haven't checked out "Heavy Metal Rules" what are you waiting for?

It's out NOW, check it out here or stream by clicking the links below.

Make sure you check these babes out on the road on this massive tour this winter.

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