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Streaming Now! The Improvisation Heavy Debut “Materialism” From Norway’s YAWN

Streaming Now! The Improvisation Heavy Debut “Materialism” From Norway’s YAWN

Album Stream Premiere via TheProgSpace

Debut Album "Materialism" Out Feb 18th via Mindsweeper Records

L-R - Mike McCormick – Guitar/Electronics, Simen Wie - Bass, Tarjei Kjerland Lienig – Synthesizer, Torfinn Lysne – Guitar, Oskar Johnsen Rydh - Drums

(Photographer Credit: Emil Vestre)

A new player in the genre of modern instrumental extreme music, YAWN brings something new and dynamic to listeners. People with similar aesthetic interests will perceive this sound as a breath of fresh air with heavier-than-hell riffs, larger-than-life contrasts, as the band introduces collective musical improvisation to the modern progressive metal scene.

The 37-minute album features beautiful improvised soundscapes, improvised guitar solos and brutal breakdowns, infectious grooves and mind-melting rhythms, and introspective ambiance alongside experimental electronics - this record comfortably combines all these elements in a logical and musical way. YAWN explains further:

“We are extremely excited to be releasing our debut album “Materialism” on Mindsweeper Records. Almost three years since we formed this band, we are now ready to show the world our exciting musical developments over the years in its best format. “Materialism” tells you the story of five guys giving everything they’ve got for the sake of breathing new life into the modern metal scene and tearing apart any limitations to what improvised music can sound like. This record is a volcano erupting under the frozen Nordic jazz scene of today. This music also has the missing piece of the puzzle we tried putting together growing up, listening to our favourite metal bands, getting inspired by them, learning our instruments because of them, and so on.”

This album is for everyone who believes there is still a lot to be done, broadening the horizons of improvised extreme music and modern metal. All of their recordings are DIY (except for mastering). Every sound on this full-length is recorded by the band in their studio, and the production is a collaboration between Oskar, Torfinn, and Mike, along with the mix done entirely by Oskar.

Raw and unconventional, YAWN is recommended for fans of Vildhjarta, Gojira, and Tool.

Before "Materialism" officially drops on February 18, 2022 via Mindsweeper Records, YAWN has teamed up with HERE.

Album pre-order -

Track Listing:

1. Cement III : Gobsmack (2:35)

2. Cement III : Fall Out (1:50)

3. Cement III : Restart, Reload, Rebuild (3:35)

4. Chaos I : Artificial Superstition (2:34)

5. Chaos I : Greed (1:51)

6. Chaos I : ISM (3:21)

7. Chaos I : Untelligence (1:26)

8. Chaos I : Order (0:40)

9. Lachrymator II : Lignite (2:28)

10. Lachrymator II : Erebus & Terror (2:33)

11. Lachrymator II : Tripwire (2:36)

12. Lachrymator II : Unstoppable force (1:57)

13. Tokamak IV : Immovable Object (2:45)

14. Tokamak IV : Critical Mass (1:21)

15. Tokamak IV : Fluorescence & Entropy (3:48)

16. Tokamak IV : Confluence (2:03)

Album Length: 37:31

For more info:


“Yawn, anything but a bore” -

As 2022 begins, Yawn stands at the ready with their first full-length release: “Materialism.” The album reflects the band’s vision of bringing improvisation-based music to the fore in the context of modern concert production. The album features beautiful improvised soundscapes combined with aesthetics drawn from modern progressive metal bands like Meshuggah, Car Bomb, and Vildhjarta.

Yawn’s live performances have been described as a magical experience where improvised, open, and formless soundscapes seamlessly transform into and away from machine- precise rhythms, all without warning from the performers on stage.

Since the band’s debut in 2020, Yawn has released their first single “Cement,” toured across southern Norway, and played for 15000 housebound viewers during a streaming concert from Chateau Neuf in Oslo shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic reached Norway. After the release of Materialism on February 18th, 2022, the band will embark on a European release tour from February 25th to March 9th.

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