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Swedish band MAD INVASION release their long-awaited new album `Edge Of The World´.

Swedish band MAD INVASION release their long-awaited new album `Edge Of The World´.

Welcome to the shadowland.

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Swedish band MAD INVASION combines classic 70’s hard rock influences with a modern approach and soundscape. The vast experience of the band members as musicians, songwriters and performing artists − includes numerous album releases and tours over the years.

MAD INVASION now release their long-awaited debut album entitled ’Edge Of The World’, an album that offers a wide range of heavy songs with bone crushing guitars, airy keyboards, and a dynamic rhythm section – adding the final touches to the very distinct MAD INVASION sound. The three first videos also feature special guest Mikkey Dee from Motörhead and Scorpions.

Join the MAD INVASION journey and rediscover the golden age of rock – in a new suit of armour.

About the album

Welcome to the ’Edge Of The World’…

The theme of the album is dark and mostly about the constant battle between the evil that surrounds us, in all shapes and forms. A topic that has been around as long as humankind has existed. Evil is real and we all experience it in our everyday lives, where life is getting harder and tougher for everyone.

Life is a constant fight constant battle between good and evil, and that it isn’t always the good that wins – quite often the opposite actually. That’s why we all need to fight back… fight the good fight to take us out of the darkness. The band are champions for good and the are determined to bring light to the darkness. The title track and third single from the album “Edge Of The World“ captures the dark and complex state of the world in dramatic way, with its bone-crushing guitars, stone heavy rhythm section and multi-cultural instrumentation. Join the MAD INVASION crusade in the shadowland.

Mad Invasion line-up:

Pete Sandberg Vocals

Björn Dahlberg Guitar

Hal Marabel Guitar / Keyboards

Mats Jeppsson Bass

Mats Bergentz Drums

For more information about Mad Invasion, please visit their Website or LinkTree, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or at Guilty Gorilla Management

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Mad Invasion - Edge Of The World (Special Guest Mikkey Dee)

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